Fall Ball Cup

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Fall Ball Cup.png

Fall Ball Cup is a special playlist mode in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It is a time-limited mode, which first ran from 15 to 20 January 2021.

Appearances:[edit | edit source]

App. number Season From To Credits to..
1 3 15th January 2021 20th January 2021 Ava Watanabe
2 3 9th March 2021 12th March 2021 Ava Watanabe

Description[edit | edit source]

Three rounds of Fall Ball and a random Final round appear in this playlist.

  • During the first instance, this playlist only started when 48 players have filled the lobby, likely to give Royal Fumble a chance of being selected as the Final. (48 reduces to 24, which reduces to 12, which reduces to 6.)
  • During the second instance, this playlist only started when 32 players have filled the lobby, resulting in a 4-person final. (32 reduces to 16, which reduces to 8, which reduces to 4.)
    • This means a full squad of four can make the final if they win all their rounds.
    • It is unclear if Hex-A-Gone or Thin Ice can now be selected, but 4-players on either of these rounds increases the likelihood of being able to be timed out, if everyone plays passively and eats up tiles as slowly as possible.