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Dizzy Heights is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a race and was first introduced in the beta version.

According to the game website, Dizzy Heights was designed by Joseph Juson.

Course Description[]

Standard version[]

Dizzy Heights consists of 4 sections, and has a main gimmick of moving around fast. The first consists of several spinning disks that then lead into the next section.

The second section consists of four lanes, with squares to separate them and paths between the squares to allow players to cross lanes. At the end of each lane is a blaster that shoots large rolling balls. In between lanes 1 and 2 and lanes 3 and 4 are ramps to the next section.

The third section is like the first, but much narrower and only one disc at the end instead of multiple. The gaps between the disks are larger, meaning players are forced to jump from one to the other. There is a ramp and then a gap to the final section. Players who fall off the disks must navigate the lower path, which consists of two identical separate paths containing spinning walls with gaps that players can jump through. Ramps at the end of both paths grant players access to the fourth section.

The fourth section consists of 3 very large but somewhat slower spinning disks on top of another, with the middle spinning counter clockwise and the other two clockwise. The radii of the disks decrease vertically, such that the entire platformable section of one disk is fully revealed, but there is no horizontal gap to the next disk. There is a wall that cuts of the farther half of the disks, and in the middle of the wall is a ramp with 3 bumps in a triangle formation that leads to the finish. In the background are rolling ball shooters, and they shoot on the ramp. The shot balls are split extra with the 3 bumps.

Alternate versions[]

From the 15 September 2020 Season 1 (Legacy) mid-season update, these variants can sometimes occur instead of the standard one:

  • In the first and third sections, the directions the Spinning Plates travel may be randomised to avoid having a single optimal path.
    • This variant in specifically the first section appears to have all but disappeared from Season 2 (Legacy) onwards, meaning there's a single optimal path again.
  • In the third section, there may be no Spinning Plates at all, almost necessitating a forced trip towards the lower path (or bouncing across the slanted path in the middle).
  • Alternatively, in the third section, the Spinning Plates will remain, but there may be swinging pendulums.
  • In the final section, Big Yeetus may be positioned directly before the gap.
  • Also in the final section, the shooters may fire out fruits instead (for example, watermelon).

From the 10 November 2020 Season 2 (Legacy) mid-season update, these variants can appear instead of the standard ones:

  • Three Thicc Bonkuses have been added to add more chaos in the raised spinning plates section.
  • The big semicircles, in the end, are replaced by little spinning plates with an annoying platform with a rotating beam
  • The big semicircles, in the end, are replaced by some platforms with rotating beams.
  • Three rotating hammers are present in the last uphill, which normally has nothing. The cannons do not fire in this version.

From the 2 February 2021 Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, these variants can appear instead of the standard ones:

  • 4 Slingus Flinguses may appear in the second section, hidden behind the square walls.

[1] These can be found in two different orientations.

Spartan Showdown[]

Main article: Spartan Showdown Show
  • In this playlist only:
    • Multiple Blast Ball spawners are strewn throughout the entire map.
    • Some of the spinning disks are replaced with normal disks where the blast ball spawners are located.
    • A Lost Helmet is located above the middle of one of the spinning disks, in the second disk section.

Course strategy[]

Standard version[]

In the first area, jump between the rotating disks when you are adjacent to the next one. Always travel the way the disk is spinning, because it is always faster, even when it is longer than going against the disk. If the disk directions are not randomised, there actually is an optimal path that will more often than not leave you at the front of the pack if executed successfully.

In the second area, go to the adjacent line if a ball comes for you. Try to stay in the middle two, as you will have more options to avoid balls. An alternate method would be to dive just before the ball hits you, at the left or rightmost of the ball; this will minimise the time where you lose control.

The third area utilizes the same strategy as the first, however, you are now able to fall into the gaps between the disks. Don't panic if you fall - the time difference between the top and the bottom is minimal. Also, you can use the bottom spinners to your advantage by using them to propel you forward. In the intro cutscene, pay attention to the direction of the final disk - it usually spins anti-clockwise, so take the right path, but if it spins clockwise, take the left path. This will help to save a bit of time.

In the final area, make sure to jump when you go over the hill. Most beginners don't see this and fall down, costing them a qualification. When you do this, just jump across the ramps and avoid the balls.

Alternate versions[]

  • If the disk directions are randomised, just improvise a path through it. It isn't a huge factor in the grand scheme of things.
  • Bouncing across the middle path in the disk-less variant is possible, though may feel a bit slow. Again, either bouncing or falling to the lower path is not much of a difference.
  • The pendulum and thicc bonkus variants aren't hard to dodge if timed properly.
  • This Yeetus is pretty safe as there is no danger of elimination if you fall out of the map; a well-timed hit can send you directly to the final uphill stretch.
  • If watermelon is fired out, it may clog up the area. Carefully find the space and squeeze through.
  • The spinning disk and beam variation is incredibly annoying. You could pick the safe path by going around the sides, though you'd still have to contend with the beam at the end - or you could try to go straight and tackle the beam head-on. The latter is far more risky; you are much more susceptible to being flung off and losing ground to your opponents.
  • In comparison, the rotating beams variant is quite trivial, just dodge them like you would dodge the beams in The Whirlygig.
  • As always, walk past the hammers in a way such that you get knocked forward by them, if you absolutely cannot dodge them.
  • If you utilise the 'dive-past-the-side-of-the-ball' strategy, the Flinguses won't be an issue. If you get lucky, the Flinguses could send you on top of the squares separating the lanes, so you could pass this section by just jumping from square to square instead.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Dizzy Heights
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Active Standard
1 Active Standard and alternate versions
2 Active Standard and alternate versions
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
7 Active Standard and alternate versions

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