Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

The Dark Knight costume is a costume that can currently only be acquired as the prize of social media competitions.

Both the Paladin Costume and the Golden Knight Costume are variations of this set.

List of competitions[]

This list is not necessarily exhaustive.

  • Twitter Ratio
  • Instagram Comments
  • Discord Art Contest
  • Given to players that maxed out the Crown Rank before a specific date (near the start of Season 3 (Legacy), along with the Magic Dragon Costume)
  • Mediatonic SpecialEffect Charity Stream Giveaways
  • Discord Giveaways
  • Discord Treasure Hunt Event
  • Discord Bracket Event
  • Gifted to members with role "Crowned Jelly Bean" or higher on the 1 year anniversary of the official Fall Guys Discord Server (16 January 2021)
  • Given to some Board of Beans Season 1 beta test participants.