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DLC Packs are special packages in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that include costumes, and in some cases, extra bonuses. They are obtained by purchase through the Steam website or the PlayStation store. Below is a list of all downloadable content available in the game, starting with Season 1.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Name Date Released Contents
Collector's Pack
Collector's Pack.jpg
Collector's Pack 4 August, 2020 Astronaut Costume
Fairycorn Costume
Fairycorn Costume
The Robot Emote
UI currency kudos 1080p.png 10000
Fast Food Costume Pack
Fast Food Costume Pack.jpg
Fast Food Costume Pack 4 August, 2020 French Fries Costume
Tasty Burger Costume
Blue Freeze Costume

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Name Date Released Contents
Dragon Hugger Pack
Dragon Hugger Pack.jpg
Dragon Hugger Pack 8 October, 2020 Paladin Costume
Wizard Costume
Dragon Costume

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Name Date Released Contents
Icy Adventure Pack
Icy Adventure Pack.jpg
Icy Adventure Pack 15 December, 2020 Peppy Penguin Costume
Slopes Master Costume
Yeti-Guy Costume
Sugar Plum Pack
Sugar Plum Pack.jpg
Sugar Plum Pack 2 February, 2021 Regal Nutcracker Costume
Ballerina Costume
Rainbow Fairy Costume