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DLC Packs are special packages in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that include costumes, and in some cases, extra bonuses. They are obtained by purchase through the Steam website or the PlayStation store. Below is a list of all downloadable content available in the game, starting with Season 1.

DLC Packs
Name Date Released Contents
Collector's Pack
Collector's Pack.jpg
Collector's Pack 4 August 2020
(Season 1)
Fast Food Costume Pack
Fast Food Costume Pack.jpg
Fast Food Costume Pack 4 August 2020
(Season 1)
Dragon Hugger Pack
Dragon Hugger Pack.jpg
Dragon Hugger Pack 8 October 2020
(Season 2)
Icy Adventure Pack
Icy Adventure Pack.jpg
Icy Adventure Pack 15 December 2020
(Season 3)
Sugar Plum Pack
Sugar Plum Pack.jpg
Sugar Plum Pack 2 February 2021
(Season 3 Mid-season)
Popstar Pack
Popstar Pack.jpg
Popstar Pack 22 March 2021
(Season 4)
Future Fashion Pack
Future Fashion Pack.jpg
Future Fashion Pack 22 March 2021
(Season 4)
Devolver Redux Costume Pack
Devolver Redux Costume Pack.jpg
Devolver Redux Costume Pack 12 April 2021
(Season 4)
Tron Costume Pack
Tron Costume Pack.jpg
Tron Costume Pack 24 May 2021
(Season 4 Mid-season)
Crown Capers Pack
Crown Capers Pack.jpg
Crown Capers Pack 20 July 2021
(Season 5)
Fruit Pirate Pack
Fruit Pirate Pack.jpg
Fruit Pirate Pack 2 August 2021
(Season 5)
Legacy Pack
Legacy Pack 21 June 2022 (TBC)
(Season 1 (Free for All))