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Fall in style with everything from fashionable pineapple couture to the latest in bunny hats available to customize your look in Fall Guys. You will look cooler.

~ Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Steam

Costumes from the Dragon Hugger and Fast Food costume packs.

A variety of costumes are available in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that allows the player to customize the appearance of their Fall Guy. Below is a list of all costumes available in the game, starting with Season 1 (Legacy).

Costumes, in the game, are divided into upper, which are for the top of the character, and lower, for the bottom of the character. The two different parts of the costume give form to a complete costume, but they are sold (or obtained as a reward) separately. This means that you can have the upper part of a costume, but not the lower, or vice versa. You can mix costumes in any way you want to create the best combination for your character. Costumes are only for aesthetics, and they don't affect at all the moveset of your character in-game.

Season 1 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 1 (Legacy)
Costume Rarity Unlocked by / Cost
UI Icon Top Alyx.pngUI Icon Bottom Alyx.pngAlyxspecial?
UI Icon Top Astronaut.pngUI Icon Bottom Astronaut.pngAstronautepicUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 900
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 600
UI Icon Top Banana Water.pngUI Icon Bottom Banana Water.pngBanana WaterrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
UI Icon Top Big Bad.pngUI Icon Bottom Big Bad.pngBig BadrarePlaying the game within the first weeks of launch; no longer obtainable.
UI Icon Top Blue Freeze.pngUI Icon Bottom Blue Freeze.pngBlue FreezerareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
UI Icon Top Bulletkin.pngUI Icon Bottom Bulletkin.pngBulletkinspecial?
UI Icon Top Champ.pngUI Icon Bottom Champ.pngChampepic?
UI Icon Top Chell.pngUI Icon Bottom Chell.pngChellspecial?
UI Icon Top Chicken.pngUI Icon Bottom Chicken.pngChickenrareUpper: Reaching level 28 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 25 during Season 1 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Chilly.pngUI Icon Bottom Chilly.pngChillyrare?
UI Icon Top Deep Diver.pngUI Icon Bottom Deep Diver.pngDeep Diverlegendary?
UI Icon Top Ecto Pirate.pngUI Icon Bottom Ecto Pirate.pngEcto Pirateepic?
UI Icon Top Fairycorn.pngUI Icon Bottom Fairycorn.pngFairycornrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
UI Icon Top Fishtank.pngUI Icon Bottom Fishtank.pngFishtanklegendary?
UI Icon Top Flower Pot.pngUI Icon Bottom Flower Pot.pngFlower Potrare?
UI Icon Top French Fries.pngUI Icon Bottom French Fries.pngFrench FriesrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
UI Icon Top Gato Roboto.pngUI Icon Bottom Gato Roboto.pngGato Robotospecial?
UI Icon Top Golden Hatchling.pngUI Icon Bottom Golden Hatchling.pngGolden Hatchlingrare?
UI Icon Top Gordon Headcrab.pngUI Icon Bottom Gordon Headcrab.pngGordon HeadcrablegendaryPre-purchasing the game on Steam; no longer obtainable
UI Icon Top Gris.pngUI Icon Bottom Gris.pngGrisspecial?
UI Icon Top Hatchling.pngUI Icon Bottom Hatchling.pngHatchlingrare?
UI Icon Top Hero.pngUI Icon Bottom Hero.pngHerorare?
UI Icon Top Horsey.pngUI Icon Bottom Horsey.pngHorseyrare?
UI Icon Top Hot Dog.pngUI Icon Bottom Hot Dog.pngHot DograreUpper: Reaching level 19 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 22 during Season 1 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Hunter.pngUI Icon Bottom Hunter.pngHunterrareUpper: Reaching level 36 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 33 during Season 1 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Jacket.pngUI Icon Bottom Jacket.pngJacketspecial?
UI Icon Top Knockout.pngUI Icon Bottom Knockout.pngKnockoutrare?
UI Icon Top Little Leaguer.pngUI Icon Bottom Little Leaguer.pngLittle Leaguerrare?
UI Icon Top Mallard.pngUI Icon Bottom Mallard.pngMallardrare?
UI Icon Top Master Ninja.pngUI Icon Bottom Master Ninja.pngMaster Ninjaspecial?
UI Icon Top Monkey.pngUI Icon Bottom Monkey.pngMonkeyrare?
UI Icon Top My Friend Pedro.pngUI Icon Bottom My Friend Pedro.pngMy Friend Pedrospecial?
UI Icon Top Ninja.pngUI Icon Bottom Ninja.pngNinjaepic?
UI Icon Top Parrot.pngUI Icon Bottom Parrot.pngParrotrare?
UI Icon Top P-Body.pngUI Icon Bottom P-Body.pngP-Bodyspecial?
UI Icon Top Pigeon.pngUI Icon Bottom Pigeon.pngPigeonrareUpper: Reaching level 9 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 6 during Season 1 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Pineapple.pngUI Icon Bottom Pineapple.pngPineapplerare?
UI Icon Top Pitcher Perfect.pngUI Icon Bottom Pitcher Perfect.pngPitcher Perfectrare?
UI Icon Top Prickles.pngUI Icon Bottom Prickles.pngPricklesepicPlaying during the first week of launch, as compensation for server problems; no longer obtainable.
UI Icon Top Quackers.pngUI Icon Bottom Quackers.pngQuackersrare?
UI Icon Top Rainbow Water.pngUI Icon Bottom Rainbow Water.pngRainbow Waterrare?
UI Icon Top Raptor.pngUI Icon Bottom Raptor.pngRaptorrare?
UI Icon Top Rookie.pngUI Icon Bottom Rookie.pngRookierareUpper: Reaching level 16 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 13 during Season 1 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Scout.pngUI Icon Bottom Scout.pngScoutspecial?
UI Icon Top T-Rex.pngUI Icon Bottom T-Rex.pngT-Rexrare?
UI Icon Top Tasty Burger.pngUI Icon Bottom Tasty Burger.pngTasty BurgerrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
UI Icon Top Tomato.pngUI Icon Bottom Tomato.pngTomatorare?
UI Icon Top Topsy.pngUI Icon Bottom Topsy.pngTopsyrare?
UI Icon Top Toucan.pngUI Icon Bottom Toucan.pngToucanrare?
UI Icon Top Tropics Toucan.pngUI Icon Bottom Tropics Toucan.pngTropics Toucanrare?
UI Icon Top Turvy.pngUI Icon Bottom Turvy.pngTurvyrare?
UI Icon Top Twinklycorn.pngUI Icon Bottom Twinklycorn.pngTwinklycornrareAwarded around 25 September 2020, to players that played before 15 September 2020
UI Icon Top Twit.pngUI Icon Bottom Twit.pngTwitrare?
UI Icon Top Twoo.pngUI Icon Bottom Twoo.pngTwoorare?
UI Icon Top White Dove.pngUI Icon Bottom White Dove.pngWhite Doverare?
UI Icon Top Woolly.pngUI Icon Bottom Woolly.pngWoollyrare?

Season 2 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 2 (Legacy)
Costume Rarity Unlocked by / Cost
UI Icon Top Cactus.pngUI Icon Bottom Cactus.pngCactusepic?
UI Icon Top Charger.pngUI Icon Bottom Charger.pngChargerrare?
UI Icon Top Courser.pngUI Icon Bottom Courser.pngCourserrare?
UI Icon Top Duchess.pngUI Icon Bottom Duchess.pngDuchessrare?
UI Icon Top Elder Dwarf.pngUI Icon Bottom Elder Dwarf.pngElder DwarfepicUpper: Reaching level 37 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 28 during Season 2 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Fool.pngUI Icon Bottom Fool.pngFoolrare?
UI Icon Top Gatherer.pngUI Icon Bottom Gatherer.pngGathererrare?
UI Icon Top Godzilla.pngUI Icon Bottom Godzilla.pngGodzillaspecial?
UI Icon Top Good Witch.pngUI Icon Bottom Good Witch.pngGood Witchrare?
UI Icon Top Huff Puff.pngUI Icon Bottom Huff Puff.pngHuff Puffrare?
UI Icon Top Jester.pngUI Icon Bottom Jester.pngJesterrareUpper: Reaching level 22 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 16 during Season 2 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Messenger.pngUI Icon Bottom Messenger.pngMessengerspecial?
UI Icon Top Mother Hen.pngUI Icon Bottom Mother Hen.pngMother Henrare?
UI Icon Top Ogre.pngUI Icon Bottom Ogre.pngOgrerare?
UI Icon Top Oliver.pngUI Icon Bottom Oliver.pngOliverrare?
UI Icon Top Orc.pngUI Icon Bottom Orc.pngOrcrareUpper: Reaching level 10 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 6 during Season 2 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Parakeet.pngUI Icon Bottom Parakeet.pngParakeetrare?
UI Icon Top Princess.pngUI Icon Bottom Princess.pngPrincessrare?
UI Icon Top Rainbow.pngUI Icon Bottom Rainbow.pngRainbowrare?
UI Icon Top Sonic the Hedgehog.pngUI Icon Bottom Sonic the Hedgehog.pngSonic the Hedgehogspecial?
UI Icon Top The Goose.pngUI Icon Bottom The Goose.pngThe Goosespecial?
UI Icon Top The Groundskeeper.pngUI Icon Bottom The Groundskeeper.pngThe Groundskeeperspecial?
UI Icon Top The Wimp.pngUI Icon Bottom The Wimp.pngThe Wimpspecial?
UI Icon Top Thunder.pngUI Icon Bottom Thunder.pngThunderepic?
UI Icon Top Valkyrie.pngUI Icon Bottom Valkyrie.pngValkyrierare?
UI Icon Top Vigilante.pngUI Icon Bottom Vigilante.pngVigilanterare?
UI Icon Top Viking.pngUI Icon Bottom Viking.pngVikingrare?
UI Icon Top Wicked Witch.pngUI Icon Bottom Wicked Witch.pngWicked Witchrare?

Season 3 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 3 (Legacy)
Costume Rarity Unlocked by / Cost
UI Icon Top Aurora Candle.pngUI Icon Bottom Aurora Candle.pngAurora Candleepic?
UI Icon Top Ballerina.pngUI Icon Bottom Ballerina.pngBallerinararePurchasing the Sugar Plum Pack
UI Icon Top Barbarian.pngUI Icon Bottom Barbarian.pngBarbarianrare?
UI Icon Top Belsnickel.pngUI Icon Bottom Belsnickel.pngBelsnickelrare?
UI Icon Top Burly Barbarian.pngUI Icon Bottom Burly Barbarian.pngBurly Barbarianrare?
UI Icon Top Cacodemon.pngCacodemonspecial?
UI Icon Top Candle.pngUI Icon Bottom Candle.pngCandlerare?
UI Icon Top Caring Koala.pngUI Icon Bottom Caring Koala.pngCaring Koalaepic?
UI Icon Top Cuddly Koala.pngUI Icon Bottom Cuddly Koala.pngCuddly Koalaepic?
UI Icon Top Cuphead.pngUI Icon Bottom Cuphead.pngCupheadspecial?
UI Icon Top Cyberdemon.pngUI Icon Bottom Cyberdemon.pngCyberdemonspecial?
UI Icon Top Dapper Walrus.pngUI Icon Bottom Dapper Walrus.pngDapper WalrusrareUpper: Reaching level 40 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 33 during Season 3 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Doom Slayer.pngUI Icon Bottom Doom Slayer.pngDoom Slayerspecial?
UI Icon Top Dr Fall.pngUI Icon Bottom Dr Fall.pngDr Fallrare?
UI Icon Top Festive Elf.pngUI Icon Bottom Festive Elf.pngFestive Elfrare?
UI Icon Top Fluffball.pngUI Icon Bottom Fluffball.pngFluffballepic?
UI Icon Top Fresh Snowman.pngUI Icon Bottom Fresh Snowman.pngFresh Snowmanrare?
UI Icon Top Gator.pngUI Icon Bottom Gator.pngGatorrare?
UI Icon Top Gifted.pngUI Icon Bottom Gifted.pngGiftedrare?
UI Icon Top Ice Maiden.pngUI Icon Bottom Ice Maiden.pngIce Maidenrare?
UI Icon Top Jaunty Walrus.pngUI Icon Bottom Jaunty Walrus.pngJaunty Walrusrare?
UI Icon Top Krampus.pngUI Icon Bottom Krampus.pngKrampusrareUpper: Reaching level 19 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 14 during Season 3 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Majestic Mouse.pngUI Icon Bottom Majestic Mouse.pngMajestic Mouseepic?
UI Icon Top Merry Elf.pngUI Icon Bottom Merry Elf.pngMerry Elfrare?
UI Icon Top Monkey King.pngUI Icon Bottom Monkey King.pngMonkey Kingepicplaying the game before 13 February 2021.
UI Icon Top Mouse King.pngUI Icon Bottom Mouse King.pngMouse Kingrare?
UI Icon Top Mugman.pngUI Icon Bottom Mugman.pngMugmanspecial?
UI Icon Top Narwhal.pngUI Icon Bottom Narwhal.pngNarwhalrare?
UI Icon Top Polar Bear.pngUI Icon Bottom Polar Bear.pngPolar Bearrare?
UI Icon Top Professor Tumble.pngUI Icon Bottom Professor Tumble.pngProfessor Tumblerare?
UI Icon Top Red Panda.pngUI Icon Bottom Red Panda.pngRed Pandaepic?
UI Icon Top Reindeer.pngUI Icon Bottom Reindeer.pngReindeerrare?
UI Icon Top Santa Falls.pngUI Icon Bottom Santa Falls.pngSanta FallsrarePlaying the game from 21 December 2020 to 25 December 2020.
UI Icon Top Simian Royalty.pngUI Icon Bottom Simian Royalty.pngSimian Royaltyepic?
UI Icon Top Sleigh Bells.pngUI Icon Bottom Sleigh Bells.pngSleigh Bellsrare?
UI Icon Top Snow Queen.pngUI Icon Bottom Snow Queen.pngSnow QueenrareUpper: Reaching level 28 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 23 during Season 3 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Snowman.pngUI Icon Bottom Snowman.pngSnowmanrareUpper: Reaching level 9 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 6 during Season 3 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Sparkle-whal.pngUI Icon Bottom Sparkle-whal.pngSparkle-whalrare?
UI Icon Top SpecialEffect Aim Lab.pngUI Icon Bottom SpecialEffect Aim Lab.pngSpecialEffect Aim Labspecial?
UI Icon Top SpecialEffect G2 Esports.pngUI Icon Bottom SpecialEffect G2 Esports.pngSpecialEffect G2 Esportsspecial?
UI Icon Top SpecialEffect MrBeast.pngUI Icon Bottom SpecialEffect MrBeast.pngSpecialEffect MrBeastspecial?
UI Icon Top SpecialEffect Ninja.pngUI Icon Bottom SpecialEffect Ninja.pngSpecialEffect Ninjaspecial?
UI Icon Top Stumble Claus.pngUI Icon Bottom Stumble Claus.pngStumble Clausrare?
UI Icon Top Winter Cosy.pngUI Icon Bottom Winter Cosy.pngWinter Cosyrare?
UI Icon Top Worker.pngUI Icon Bottom Worker.pngWorkerrare?
UI Icon Top Wrapped Up.pngUI Icon Bottom Wrapped Up.pngWrapped Uprare?

Season 4 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 4 (Legacy)
Costume Rarity Unlocked by / Cost
UI Icon Top 2B.pngUI Icon Bottom 2B.png2Bspecial?
UI Icon Top Alien Tutu.pngUI Icon Bottom Alien Tutu.pngAlien Tuturare?
UI Icon Top Autoadmaton.pngUI Icon Bottom Autoadmaton.pngAutoadmatonepic?
UI Icon Top Battery Powered.pngUI Icon Bottom Battery Powered.pngBattery Poweredrare?
UI Icon Top Bomberman.pngUI Icon Bottom Bomberman.pngBombermanspecial?
UI Icon Top Bounding Bunny.pngUI Icon Bottom Bounding Bunny.pngBounding Bunnyepic?
UI Icon Top Bowling Bigshot.pngUI Icon Bottom Bowling Bigshot.pngBowling Bigshotrare?
UI Icon Top Cardboard Bot.pngUI Icon Bottom Cardboard Bot.pngCardboard Botrare?
UI Icon Top Cardboard Kaiju.pngUI Icon Bottom Cardboard Kaiju.pngCardboard Kaijurare?
UI Icon Top Chipset.pngUI Icon Bottom Chipset.pngChipsetrare?
UI Icon Top Chopper Cap.pngUI Icon Bottom Chopper Cap.pngChopper Caprare?
UI Icon Top Close Encounter.pngUI Icon Bottom Close Encounter.pngClose Encounterepic?
UI Icon Top Cutting Edge Technology.pngUI Icon Bottom Cutting Edge Technology.pngCutting Edge Technologyepic?
UI Icon Top Dazzling Dance Orb.pngUI Icon Bottom Dazzling Dance Orb.pngDazzling Dance Orbrare?
UI Icon Top Disc Diva.pngUI Icon Bottom Disc Diva.pngDisc Divaepic?
UI Icon Top Disco Ball.pngUI Icon Bottom Disco Ball.pngDisco BallrareUpper: Reaching level 16 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 13 during Season 4 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Eggscellent.pngCostumeLower Eggscellent.pngEggscellentspecialUpper: Reaching level 26 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 21 during Season 4 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top F.G.I.B..pngUI Icon Bottom F.G.I.B..pngF.G.I.B.rare?
UI Icon Top Falltron.pngUI Icon Bottom Falltron.pngFalltronlegendary?
UI Icon Top Falltron Destiny.pngUI Icon Bottom Falltron Destiny.pngFalltron DestinyepicUpper: Reaching level 50 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 46 during Season 4 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Furry Alien.pngUI Icon Bottom Furry Alien.pngFurry AlienrareUpper: Reaching level 2 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 5 during Season 4 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Furry Invasion.pngUI Icon Bottom Furry Invasion.pngFurry Invasionrare?
UI Icon Top Godzilla 1995.pngUI Icon Bottom Godzilla 1995.pngGodzilla 1995special?
UI Icon Top Goopy Space Slug.pngUI Icon Bottom Goopy Space Slug.pngGoopy Space Slugrare?
UI Icon Top Guardian Undine.pngUI Icon Bottom Guardian Undine.pngGuardian Undinerare?
UI Icon Top Gutterball Guy.pngUI Icon Bottom Gutterball Guy.pngGutterball Guyrare?
UI Icon Top Incognito.pngUI Icon Bottom Incognito.pngIncognitorareUpper: Reaching level 36 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 32 during Season 4 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Intergalactic Performer.pngUI Icon Bottom Intergalactic Performer.pngIntergalactic Performerepic?
UI Icon Top Jazzercise.pngUI Icon Bottom Jazzercise.pngJazzerciserare?
UI Icon Top Kizuna AI.pngUI Icon Bottom Kizuna AI.pngKizuna AIspecial?
UI Icon Top Mechani-cat.pngUI Icon Bottom Mechani-cat.pngMechani-catepic?
UI Icon Top Mechani-neko.pngUI Icon Bottom Mechani-neko.pngMechani-nekoepic?
UI Icon Top Motherboard.pngUI Icon Bottom Motherboard.pngMotherboardrare?
UI Icon Top Nebula Captain.pngUI Icon Bottom Nebula Captain.pngNebula Captainrare?
UI Icon Top Neo-classic.pngUI Icon Bottom Neo-classic.pngNeo-classicrare?
UI Icon Top Neon Neko.pngUI Icon Bottom Neon Neko.pngNeon Nekorare?
UI Icon Top Propella Hat.pngUI Icon Bottom Propella Hat.pngPropella Hatrare?
UI Icon Top Rainbow Cat.pngUI Icon Bottom Rainbow Cat.pngRainbow Catrare?
UI Icon Top Ribbit Robot.pngUI Icon Bottom Ribbit Robot.pngRibbit Robotrare?
UI Icon Top Robo-Jaws.pngUI Icon Bottom Robo-Jaws.pngRobo-Jawsrare?
UI Icon Top Robot Master.pngUI Icon Bottom Robot Master.pngRobot Masterepic?
UI Icon Top Rocket Ship.pngUI Icon Bottom Rocket Ship.pngRocket Shiplegendary?
UI Icon Top Rusty.pngUI Icon Bottom Rusty.pngRustyrare?
UI Icon Top Samurai Fish.pngUI Icon Bottom Samurai Fish.pngSamurai Fishepic?
UI Icon Top Sark.pngUI Icon Bottom Sark.pngSarkspecial?
UI Icon Top SCOUT.pngUI Icon Bottom SCOUT.pngSCOUTspecial?
UI Icon Top Shark Bot.pngUI Icon Bottom Shark Bot.pngShark BotrareUpper: Reaching level 11 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 8 during Season 4 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Shark Bot 2.0.pngUI Icon Bottom Shark Bot 2.0.pngShark Bot 2.0rare?
UI Icon Top Shovel Knight.pngUI Icon Bottom Shovel Knight.pngShovel Knightspecial?
UI Icon Top Slimy Alien.pngUI Icon Bottom Slimy Alien.pngSlimy Alienrare?
UI Icon Top Space Cruiser.pngUI Icon Bottom Space Cruiser.pngSpace Cruiserlegendary?
UI Icon Top Space Traveller.pngUI Icon Bottom Space Traveller.pngSpace Travellerepic?
UI Icon Top Star Ranger.pngUI Icon Bottom Star Ranger.pngStar Rangerrare?
UI Icon Top Toy Robot.pngUI Icon Bottom Toy Robot.pngToy Robotrare?
UI Icon Top U.F.G..pngUI Icon Bottom U.F.G..pngU.F.G.epicUpper: Reaching level 39 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 42 during Season 4 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Wind Up Robot.pngUI Icon Bottom Wind Up Robot.pngWind Up Robotepic?
CostumeUpper Young Sprout.pngCostumeLower Young Sprout.pngYoung Sproutspecial?

Season 5 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 5 (Legacy)
Costume Rarity Unlocked by / Cost
UI Icon Top AiAi.pngUI Icon Bottom AiAi.pngAiAispecial?
UI Icon Top Ana Spelunky.pngUI Icon Bottom Ana Spelunky.pngAna Spelunkyspecial?
UI Icon Top Annie Oakley.pngUI Icon Bottom Annie Oakley.pngAnnie Oakleyrare?
UI Icon Top Bad Beanbot.pngUI Icon Bottom Bad Beanbot.pngBad Beanbotepic?
UI Icon Top Baloo.pngUI Icon Bottom Baloo.pngBaloospecial?
UI Icon Top Billy the Fall Kid.pngUI Icon Bottom Billy the Fall Kid.pngBilly the Fall Kidrare?
UI Icon Top Builder.pngUI Icon Bottom Builder.pngBuilderrare?
UI Icon Top Calamity Jane.pngUI Icon Bottom Calamity Jane.pngCalamity Janerare?
UI Icon Top Camel Explorer.pngUI Icon Bottom Camel Explorer.pngCamel Explorerepic?
UI Icon Top Cantaloupe Corsair.pngUI Icon Bottom Cantaloupe Corsair.pngCantaloupe Corsairrare?
UI Icon Top Cavalier.pngUI Icon Bottom Cavalier.pngCavalierrareUpper: Reaching level 36 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 32 during Season 5 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Cave Raider.pngUI Icon Bottom Cave Raider.pngCave Raiderrare?
CostumeUpper Crying Minotaur.pngCostumeLower Crying Minotaur.pngCrying Minotaurspecial?
UI Icon Top Djinn.pngUI Icon Bottom Djinn.pngDjinnlegendaryUpper: Reaching level 50 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 46 during Season 5 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Dromedary Pioneer.pngUI Icon Bottom Dromedary Pioneer.pngDromedary PioneerepicUpper: Reaching level 16 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 13 during Season 5 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Elegant Elephant.pngUI Icon Bottom Elegant Elephant.pngElegant Elephantrare?
UI Icon Top Fair Maiden.pngUI Icon Bottom Fair Maiden.pngFair Maidenrare?
UI Icon Top Flamenco Dancer.pngUI Icon Bottom Flamenco Dancer.pngFlamenco Dancerrare?
UI Icon Top Guy Spelunky.pngUI Icon Bottom Guy Spelunky.pngGuy SpelunkyspecialUpper: Reaching level 26 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 21 during Season 5 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Happy Birthday!.pngHappy Birthday!epic?
UI Icon Top Happy Hippo.pngUI Icon Bottom Happy Hippo.pngHappy Hipporare?
UI Icon Top Hoggy.pngUI Icon Bottom Hoggy.pngHoggyspecial?
UI Icon Top Kena.pngUI Icon Bottom Kena.pngKenaspecial?
CostumeUpper Knuckles.pngCostumeLower Knuckles.pngKnucklesspecial?
UI Icon Top Lockseley.pngUI Icon Bottom Lockseley.pngLockseleyrare?
UI Icon Top Lord of the Lamp.pngUI Icon Bottom Lord of the Lamp.pngLord of the Lamplegendary?
UI Icon Top Marian.pngUI Icon Bottom Marian.pngMarianrare?
UI Icon Top Melon Marauder.pngUI Icon Bottom Melon Marauder.pngMelon Marauderrare?
UI Icon Top Mowgli.pngUI Icon Bottom Mowgli.pngMowglispecial?
UI Icon Top Ole.pngUI Icon Bottom Ole.pngOlerare?
UI Icon Top Placid Palm Tree.pngUI Icon Bottom Placid Palm Tree.pngPlacid Palm Treerare?
CostumeUpper Playful Imp.pngCostumeLower Playful Imp.pngPlayful Imprare?
UI Icon Top Proud Pachyderm.pngUI Icon Bottom Proud Pachyderm.pngProud Pachydermrare?
UI Icon Top Robin.pngUI Icon Bottom Robin.pngRobinrare?
UI Icon Top Rot.pngUI Icon Bottom Rot.pngRotspecial?
UI Icon Top Scourge of the Seas.pngUI Icon Bottom Scourge of the Seas.pngScourge of the SeasepicUpper: Reaching level 42 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 39 during Season 5 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Shere Khan.pngUI Icon Bottom Shere Khan.pngShere Khanspecial?
UI Icon Top Sun Scarab.pngUI Icon Bottom Sun Scarab.pngSun Scarabepic?
UI Icon Top The Kraken.pngUI Icon Bottom The Kraken.pngThe Krakenepic?
CostumeUpper The Prisoner.pngCostumeLower The Prisoner.pngThe Prisonerspecial?
UI Icon Top Treasure Charter.pngUI Icon Bottom Treasure Charter.pngTreasure CharterrareUpper: Reaching level 2 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 5 during Season 5 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Tropical Tree.pngUI Icon Bottom Tropical Tree.pngTropical TreerareUpper: Reaching level 11 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 8 during Season 5 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Umo.pngUI Icon Bottom Umo.pngUmospecial?
UI Icon Top Wild West.pngUI Icon Bottom Wild West.pngWild Westrare?

Season 6 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 6 (Legacy)
Costume Rarity Unlocked by / Cost
CostumeUpper A-lister.pngCostumeLower A-lister.pngA-listerrare?
CostumeUpper ASTRO BOT T-Rex.pngCostumeLower ASTRO BOT T-Rex.pngASTRO BOT T-Rexspecial?
UI Icon Top Axolotl.pngUI Icon Bottom Axolotl.pngAxolotlrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
CostumeUpper Bean Snatcher.pngCostumeLower Bean Snatcher.pngBean Snatcherrare?
CostumeUpper Big Yeetus.pngCostumeLower Big Yeetus.pngBig YeetusepicUpper: Reaching level 41 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 37 during Season 6 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Blubber.pngCostumeLower Blubber.pngBlubberrare?
CostumeUpper Bouncy Bollard.pngCostumeLower Bouncy Bollard.pngBouncy Bollardepic?
CostumeUpper Brick Bobby.pngCostumeLower Brick Bobby.pngBrick Bobbyepic?
CostumeUpper Bunger Hat.pngBunger Hatspecial?
CostumeUpper Candy Apple.pngCostumeLower Candy Apple.pngCandy Applerare?
CostumeUpper Carnifaller.pngCostumeLower Carnifaller.pngCarnifallerepicUpper: Reaching level 2 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 6 during Season 6 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Carnival Queen.pngCostumeLower Carnival Queen.pngCarnival Queenrare?
CostumeUpper Cheeky Imp.pngCostumeLower Cheeky Imp.pngCheeky Imprare?
CostumeUpper Chill Vibes.pngCostumeLower Chill Vibes.pngChill VibesrareUpper: Reaching level 21 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 18 during Season 6 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Chockie Bickie.pngCostumeLower Chockie Bickie.pngChockie Bickierare?
CostumeUpper Door Guy.pngCostumeLower Door Guy.pngDoor Guyepic?
CostumeUpper Doughlas.pngCostumeLower Doughlas.pngDoughlasepic?
CostumeUpper Elegance.pngCostumeLower Elegance.pngElegancerare?
CostumeUpper Fabulous Finback.pngCostumeLower Fabulous Finback.pngFabulous FinbackrareGiven to everyone that played before 6 April 2022 to apologise for issues
CostumeUpper Festival Fairy.pngCostumeLower Festival Fairy.pngFestival Fairyrare?
CostumeUpper Filbo Fiddlepie.pngCostumeLower Filbo Fiddlepie.pngFilbo Fiddlepiespecial?
CostumeUpper Funny Guy.pngCostumeLower Funny Guy.pngFunny Guyrare?
CostumeUpper Gingerbean Man.pngCostumeLower Gingerbean Man.pngGingerbean Manrare?
CostumeUpper Goody.pngCostumeLower Goody.pngGoodyrare?
CostumeUpper Granty.pngCostumeLower Granty.pngGrantyrare?
CostumeUpper Horse Head.pngCostumeLower Horse Head.pngHorse Headrare?
CostumeUpper Jack Skellington.pngCostumeLower Jack Skellington.pngJack Skellingtonspecial?
CostumeUpper Jin Sakai.pngCostumeLower Jin Sakai.pngJin SakaispecialUpper: Reaching level 15 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 10 during Season 6 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Jolly Tree.pngCostumeLower Jolly Tree.pngJolly Treeepic?
CostumeUpper Lady Margot.pngCostumeLower Lady Margot.pngLady MargotrareUpper: Reaching level 34 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 30 during Season 6 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Lady Von Branwen.pngCostumeLower Lady Von Branwen.pngLady Von Branwenrare?
CostumeUpper Long Guy.pngCostumeLower Long Guy.pngLong Guyepic?
CostumeUpper Mr Sealson.pngCostumeLower Mr Sealson.pngMr SealsonepicUpper: Reaching level 27 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 23 during Season 6 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Mrs Sealson.pngCostumeLower Mrs Sealson.pngMrs Sealsonepic?
CostumeUpper Nebula Trekker.pngCostumeLower Nebula Trekker.pngNebula Trekkerepic?
CostumeUpper Painted with Pride.pngCostumeLower Painted with Pride.pngPainted with PriderareLaunching the game between 1 June 2022 and 21 June 2022
CostumeUpper Party Princess.pngCostumeLower Party Princess.pngParty Princessrare?
CostumeUpper Party Starter.pngCostumeLower Party Starter.pngParty Starterrare?
CostumeUpper Pineapple Party.pngCostumeLower Pineapple Party.pngPineapple Partyrare?
CostumeUpper Pizza de Piña.pngCostumeLower Pizza de Piña.pngPizza de Piñarare?
CostumeUpper Professional Faller.pngCostumeLower Professional Faller.pngProfessional Fallerrare?
CostumeUpper Punching Glove.pngCostumeLower Punching Glove.pngPunching Gloveepic?
CostumeUpper Rainbow Runner.pngCostumeLower Rainbow Runner.pngRainbow Runnerrare?
CostumeUpper Retro Shark.pngCostumeLower Retro Shark.pngRetro SharkrareClaiming it for free between 5 April 2022 and 10 May 2022 (TBC) in the DLC Store on PlayStation
CostumeUpper Ringleader.pngCostumeLower Ringleader.pngRingleaderrare?
CostumeUpper Rio Reveller.pngCostumeLower Rio Reveller.pngRio Revellerepic?
CostumeUpper Sage.pngCostumeLower Sage.pngSageepic?
CostumeUpper Sally.pngCostumeLower Sally.pngSallyspecial?
CostumeUpper Scarlet Plume.pngCostumeLower Scarlet Plume.pngScarlet Plumerare?
UI Icon Top Scuba Gear.pngUI Icon Bottom Scuba Gear.pngScuba Gearrare?
CostumeUpper Silver Showman.pngCostumeLower Silver Showman.pngSilver Showmanrare?
CostumeUpper Taco.pngCostumeLower Taco.pngTacorare?
CostumeUpper Tall Chum.pngCostumeLower Tall Chum.pngTall Chumepic?
CostumeUpper The Ghost.pngCostumeLower The Ghost.pngThe GhostspecialUpper: Reaching level 50 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Lower: Reaching level 45 during Season 6 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper The Mayor.pngCostumeLower The Mayor.pngThe Mayorspecial?

Season 1[]

Main article: Season 1
Costume Rarity Unlocked by / Cost
CostumeUpper Band Leader.pngCostumeLower Band Leader.pngBand LeaderrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
CostumeUpper Bein Cheesy.pngCostumeLower Bein Cheesy.pngBein CheesyspecialUpper: Reaching level 36 during Season 1
Lower: Reaching level 34 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Burning Sensei.pngCostumeLower Burning Sensei.pngBurning SenseilegendaryUpper: Reaching level 89 during Season 1
Lower: Reaching level 86 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Chiselled Bust.pngCostumeLower Chiselled Bust.pngChiselled BustrareUpper: Reaching level 26 during Season 1
Lower: Reaching level 25 during Season 1
CostumeUpper College Star.pngCostumeLower College Star.pngCollege StarepicUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 900
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 600
CostumeUpper Dragon Dance Body.pngDragon Dance BodyepicReaching level 13 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Dragon Dance Head.pngCostumeLower Dragon Dance Head.pngDragon Dance HeadepicUpper: Reaching level 18 during Season 1
Lower: Reaching level 12 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Dragon Dance Tail.pngDragon Dance TailepicReaching level 16 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Fall Guy FC Home Kit.pngCostumeLower Fall Guy FC Home Kit.pngFall Guy FC Home KitrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
CostumeUpper Grouchy Glasses.pngGrouchy GlassescommonUI currency kudos 1080p.png 2200
CostumeLower Jungle Frog Pouch.pngCostumeLower Jungle Frog Pouch.pngJungle Frog PouchcommonReaching level 31 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Mechagodzilla.pngCostumeLower Mechagodzilla.pngMechagodzillaspecialUpper: Reaching level 99 during Season 1
Lower: Reaching level 96 during Season 1
UI Icon Top Musketeer.pngUI Icon Bottom Musketeer.pngMusketeerrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
CostumeUpper Patty Pack.pngPatty PackuncommonReaching level 83 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Peg-wig Cake.pngPeg-wig CakeuncommonReaching level 64 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Peter Pointer.pngCostumeLower Peter Pointer.pngPeter PointerrareUpper: Reaching level 58 during Season 1
Lower: Reaching level 56 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Pixel Shades.pngPixel ShadescommonReaching level 51 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Punk Band.pngPunk BandcommonReaching level 2 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Purple Power.pngCostumeLower Purple Power.pngPurple PowerrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
CostumeUpper Safety Helmet.pngSafety HelmetcommonReaching level 22 during Season 1
CostumeLower Snazzy Belt Bag.pngCostumeLower Snazzy Belt Bag.pngSnazzy Belt BagcommonUI currency kudos 1080p.png 1800
CostumeUpper Spring Daisies.pngCostumeLower Spring Daisies.pngSpring DaisiesepicUpper: Reaching level 45 during Season 1
Lower: Reaching level 43 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Sprinkles Donut Bag.pngSprinkles Donut BaguncommonReaching level 93 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Street Basketfall.pngCostumeLower Street Basketfall.pngStreet BasketfallrareUpper: UI GemCurrency Image.png 700
Lower: UI GemCurrency Image.png 500
CostumeUpper Sumo Inflatable.pngCostumeLower Sumo Inflatable.pngSumo InflatableepicUpper: Reaching level 72 during Season 1
Lower: Reaching level 69 during Season 1
CostumeUpper Winter Pegwin Bow.pngWinter Pegwin BowuncommonReaching level 49 during Season 1

Crown Rank[]

Main article: Crown Rank
Costume Rarity Required Crowns
UI Icon Top Crocodile.pngUI Icon Bottom Crocodile.pngCrocodilerareUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 51
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 34
UI Icon Top Ice Cream.pngUI Icon Bottom Ice Cream.pngIce CreamrareUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 77
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 56
UI Icon Top Beanbot.pngUI Icon Bottom Beanbot.pngBeanbotepicUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 189
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 112
UI Icon Top Golden Witch.pngUI Icon Bottom Golden Witch.pngGolden WitchlegendaryUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 444
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 254
UI Icon Top Golden Chicken.pngUI Icon Bottom Golden Chicken.pngGolden ChickenlegendaryUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 969
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 639
UI Icon Top Golden Wolf.pngUI Icon Bottom Golden Wolf.pngGolden WolflegendaryUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 1739
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 1269
UI Icon Top Golden Knight.pngUI Icon Bottom Golden Knight.pngGolden KnightlegendaryUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 3039
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 2739
UI Icon Top Golden Dragon.pngUI Icon Bottom Golden Dragon.pngGolden DragonlegendaryUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 3589
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 3289
CostumeUpper Marblellous.pngCostumeLower Marblellous.pngMarblellouslegendaryUpper: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 4500
Lower: UI currency crowns 1080p.png 3939

Live Events[]

Main article: Live Event
Costume Rarity Cost Live Event
CostumeUpper Aloy.pngCostumeLower Aloy.pngAloyspecialUpper: Ui-icon-focus-token.png 500
Lower: Ui-icon-focus-token.png 400
Aloy's Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Astro.pngCostumeLower Astro.pngAstrospecialUpper: Ui-icon-sweet-token.png 800
Lower: Ui-icon-sweet-token.png 400
Sweet Thieves Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Clank.pngUI Icon Bottom Clank.pngClankspecialUpper: Ui-icon-clank-token.png 1600
Lower: Ui-icon-clank-token.png 1400
Clank's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Free For All Party Pack.pngFree For All Party PackeventUi-liveevents-ss1-launch-token.png 1000Stadium Stars (Season 1)
UI Icon Top Golden Hotdog.pngUI Icon Bottom Golden Hotdog.pngGolden HotdoglegendaryUpper: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1200
Lower: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1000
Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Hotdog) (Season 5 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Golden Hotshot.pngCostumeLower Golden Hotshot.pngGolden HotshotlegendaryUpper: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1200
Lower: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1000
Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Hotshot) (Season 6 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Golden Punching Glove.pngCostumeLower Golden Punching Glove.pngGolden Punching GlovelegendaryUpper: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1200
Lower: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1000
Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Punching Glove) (Season 6 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Jack-o.pngCostumeLower Jack-o.pngJack-oepicUpper: Ui-icon-halloween-token.png 800
Lower: Ui-icon-halloween-token.png 500
Fall-o-Ween Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top King Louie.pngUI Icon Bottom King Louie.pngKing LouiespecialUpper: Ui-icon-louie-token.png 1100
Lower: Ui-icon-louie-token.png 800
King Louie's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Lion Dance.pngUI Icon Bottom Lion Dance.pngLion DanceepicUpper: Ui-icon-mooncake-token.png 400
Lower: Ui-icon-mooncake-token.png 300
Fall Festival Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Pop Royalty.pngUI Icon Bottom Pop Royalty.pngPop RoyaltyepicUpper: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 500
Lower: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 400
Season Finale (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Ratchet.pngUI Icon Bottom Ratchet.pngRatchetspecialUpper: Ui-icon-ratchet-token.png 1600
Lower: Ui-icon-ratchet-token.png 1400
Ratchet's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Sackboy.pngUI Icon Bottom Sackboy.pngSackboyspecialUpper: Ui-icon-sackboy-token.png 800
Lower: Ui-icon-sackboy-token.png 600
Sackboy's Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Santa Jack.pngCostumeLower Santa Jack.pngSanta JackspecialUpper: Ui-icon-jack-token.png 800
Lower: Ui-icon-jack-token.png 600
Santa Jack's Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Star Detective.pngCostumeLower Star Detective.pngStar DetectiverareUpper: Ui-icon-star-token.png 800
Lower: Ui-icon-star-token.png 600
Satellite Stars: Logic! (Season 6 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Star Guy.pngUI Icon Bottom Star Guy.pngStar GuyepicUpper: Ui-icon-star-token.png 800
Lower: Ui-icon-star-token.png 600
Satellite Stars: Bravery! (Season 6 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Star Princess.pngCostumeLower Star Princess.pngStar PrincessepicUpper: Ui-icon-star-token.png 800
Lower: Ui-icon-star-token.png 600
Satellite Stars: Adapt! (Season 6 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Super Umo.pngUI Icon Bottom Super Umo.pngSuper UmolegendaryUpper: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 300
Lower: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
April Fools 2022 Event (Season 6 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Swole Bean.pngCostumeLower Swole Bean.pngSwole BeanepicUpper: Ui-icon-dumbbell-token.png 600
Lower: Ui-icon-dumbbell-token.png 500
New Bean Resolution (Season 6 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Swoony.pngCostumeLower Swoony.pngSwoonyrareUpper: Ui-icon-weekofromance-token.png 600
Lower: Ui-icon-weekofromance-token.png 500
Week of Romance (Season 6 (Legacy))


Main article: DLC
Costume Rarity Unlocked by
UI Icon Top Ashen Bulletkin.pngUI Icon Bottom Ashen Bulletkin.pngAshen BulletkinspecialDevolver Redux Costume Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Blunderdome Hero.pngUI Icon Bottom Blunderdome Hero.pngBlunderdome HerorareFuture Fashion Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Classic Sushi Roll.pngCostumeLower Classic Sushi Roll.pngClassic Sushi RollepicSeason 1 Starter Pack (Season 1)
UI Icon Top Cyber Biker.pngUI Icon Bottom Cyber Biker.pngCyber BikerrareFuture Fashion Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Dragon.pngUI Icon Bottom Dragon.pngDragonrareDragon Hugger Pack (Season 2 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Expedition Leader.pngUI Icon Bottom Expedition Leader.pngExpedition LeaderrareCrown Capers Pack (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Fallesses II.pngUI Icon Bottom Fallesses II.pngFallesses IIepicCrown Capers Pack (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Feisty Dwarf.pngUI Icon Bottom Feisty Dwarf.pngFeisty DwarfrareLegacy Pack (Season 1)
UI Icon Top Fresh & Hip.pngUI Icon Bottom Fresh & Hip.pngFresh & HipepicPopstar Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Future Raver.pngUI Icon Bottom Future Raver.pngFuture RaverepicFuture Fashion Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Latter Day Messenger.pngUI Icon Bottom Latter Day Messenger.pngLatter Day MessengerspecialDevolver Redux Costume Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Lemon Lookout.pngUI Icon Bottom Lemon Lookout.pngLemon LookoutrareFruit Pirate Pack (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Muddy Explorer.pngUI Icon Bottom Muddy Explorer.pngMuddy ExplorerrareCrown Capers Pack (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Paladin.pngUI Icon Bottom Paladin.pngPaladinrareDragon Hugger Pack (Season 2 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Peaches of Eight.pngUI Icon Bottom Peaches of Eight.pngPeaches of EightrareFruit Pirate Pack (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Pear Privateer.pngUI Icon Bottom Pear Privateer.pngPear PrivateerrareFruit Pirate Pack (Season 5 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Peppy Penguin.pngUI Icon Bottom Peppy Penguin.pngPeppy PenguinrareIcy Adventure Pack (Season 3 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Popping Whizzbanger.pngCostumeLower Popping Whizzbanger.pngPopping WhizzbangerrarePopping Whizzbanger Pack (Season 1)
UI Icon Top Punk Rock Princess.pngUI Icon Bottom Punk Rock Princess.pngPunk Rock PrincessepicPopstar Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Quorra.pngUI Icon Bottom Quorra.pngQuorraspecialTron Costume Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Rainbow Fairy.pngUI Icon Bottom Rainbow Fairy.pngRainbow FairyrareSugar Plum Pack (Season 3 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Regal Nutcracker.pngUI Icon Bottom Regal Nutcracker.pngRegal NutcrackerrareSugar Plum Pack (Season 3 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Regal.pngCostumeLower Regal.pngRegalepicLegacy Pack (Season 1)
UI Icon Top Rinzler.pngUI Icon Bottom Rinzler.pngRinzlerspecialTron Costume Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
CostumeUpper Salmon Sushi Roll.pngCostumeLower Salmon Sushi Roll.pngSalmon Sushi RollepicSeason 1 Starter Pack (Season 1)
UI Icon Top Slopes Master.pngUI Icon Bottom Slopes Master.pngSlopes MasterrareIcy Adventure Pack (Season 3 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top The Diva Project.pngUI Icon Bottom The Diva Project.pngThe Diva ProjectepicPopstar Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Tron.pngUI Icon Bottom Tron.pngTronspecialTron Costume Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Veggie Dog.pngUI Icon Bottom Veggie Dog.pngVeggie DograreLegacy Pack (Season 1)
UI Icon Top Virtual Gato Roboto.pngUI Icon Bottom Virtual Gato Roboto.pngVirtual Gato RobotospecialDevolver Redux Costume Pack (Season 4 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Wizard.pngUI Icon Bottom Wizard.pngWizardrareDragon Hugger Pack (Season 2 (Legacy))
UI Icon Top Yeti-Guy.pngUI Icon Bottom Yeti-Guy.pngYeti-GuyrareIcy Adventure Pack (Season 3 (Legacy))

Prime Gaming[]

Main article: Prime Gaming
Costume Rarity Unlocked by
UI Icon Top Beetle Buddy.pngUI Icon Bottom Beetle Buddy.pngBeetle BuddyrareClaiming the July 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Boxzilla Bot.pngUI Icon Bottom Boxzilla Bot.pngBoxzilla BotrareClaiming the March 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Burning Circuits.pngUI Icon Bottom Burning Circuits.pngBurning CircuitsrareClaiming the May 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Chart Topper.pngUI Icon Bottom Chart Topper.pngChart TopperrareClaiming the June 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
CostumeUpper Don.pngCostumeLower Don.pngDonrareClaiming the May 2022 drop on Prime Gaming
CostumeUpper Doodles.pngCostumeLower Doodles.pngDoodlesrareClaiming the February 2022 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Fitness Fiesta.pngUI Icon Bottom Fitness Fiesta.pngFitness FiestarareClaiming the April 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Frill Gills.pngUI Icon Bottom Frill Gills.pngFrill GillsspecialClaiming the November 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
CostumeUpper Gifty.pngCostumeLower Gifty.pngGiftyrareClaiming the December 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
CostumeUpper La Luz.pngCostumeLower La Luz.pngLa LuzrareClaiming the March 2022 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Merry Mastodon.pngUI Icon Bottom Merry Mastodon.pngMerry MastodonrareClaiming the October 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top MVP.pngUI Icon Bottom MVP.pngMVPrareClaiming the February 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
CostumeUpper Protector.pngCostumeLower Protector.pngProtectorrareClaiming the January 2022 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Slushie Bear.pngUI Icon Bottom Slushie Bear.pngSlushie BearrareClaiming the January 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Snorkeller.pngUI Icon Bottom Snorkeller.pngSnorkellerrareClaiming the September 2021 drop on Prime Gaming
CostumeUpper Splatter.pngCostumeLower Splatter.pngSplatterepicClaiming the April 2022 drop on Prime Gaming
CostumeUpper The Amazing Falldazzler.pngCostumeLower The Amazing Falldazzler.pngThe Amazing FalldazzlerrareClaiming the June 2022 drop on Prime Gaming
UI Icon Top Winter Warmer.pngUI Icon Bottom Winter Warmer.pngWinter WarmerrareClaiming the December 2020 drop on Prime Gaming


Costume Rarity Unlocked by
UI Icon Top Cajun Fries.pngUI Icon Bottom Cajun Fries.pngCajun FriesepicSocial Media Events and giveaways
UI Icon Top Crash Tester.pngUI Icon Bottom Crash Tester.pngCrash TesterspecialPlaying during pre-launch closed beta tests; Occasionally given away during Board of Beans beta tests
UI Icon Top Dark Knight.pngUI Icon Bottom Dark Knight.pngDark KnightepicSocial Media Events and giveaways
UI Icon Top Fancy Burger.pngUI Icon Bottom Fancy Burger.pngFancy BurgerepicSocial Media Events and giveaways
UI Icon Top Lemon Blast.pngUI Icon Bottom Lemon Blast.pngLemon BlastepicSocial Media Events and giveaways
UI Icon Top Magic Dragon.pngUI Icon Bottom Magic Dragon.pngMagic DragonepicSocial Media Events
UI Icon Top Pirate.pngUI Icon Bottom Pirate.pngPiraterareGiven as Discord Server 1 year anniversary gift to Jelly Bean Mods and higher
UI Icon Top Rival.pngUI Icon Bottom Rival.pngRivalspecialParticipate in the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Twitch Rivals event
UI Icon Top Sorcerer.pngUI Icon Bottom Sorcerer.pngSorcererepicWeekly Crown League
UI Icon Top Winner.pngUI Icon Bottom Winner.pngWinnerepicAccidentally given to Twitch Rivals participant Etoiles


Costumes that were added to the game files, but have not been made available in-game, yet.

Costume Rarity Unlocked by / Cost Added
CostumeLower Absolute Fire Sneakers.pngCostumeLower Absolute Fire Sneakers.pngAbsolute Fire Sneakerscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper All-time Champ.pngCostumeLower All-time Champ.pngAll-time Champlegendary?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Angry Capamari.pngAngry Capamariuncommon?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Archaeological Expert.pngUI Icon Bottom Archaeological Expert.pngArchaeological Expertrare?Season 4.5 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Auburn Bun.pngAuburn Buncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Autumn Hula Skirt.pngCostumeLower Autumn Hula Skirt.pngAutumn Hula Skirtuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Away Kit Boots.pngCostumeLower Away Kit Boots.pngAway Kit Bootscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Baby Bean TV.pngCostumeLower Baby Bean TV.pngBaby Bean TVepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Baby Sealson.pngCostumeLower Baby Sealson.pngBaby Sealsonepic?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Baker Boy Cap.pngBaker Boy Capcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Beach Basketfall.pngCostumeLower Beach Basketfall.pngBeach Basketfallrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Bean Analyst.pngCostumeLower Bean Analyst.pngBean Analystrare?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Bean Bumper.pngCostumeLower Bean Bumper.pngBean Bumpercommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Bear Paws.pngCostumeLower Bear Paws.pngBear Pawscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Big Feet.pngCostumeLower Big Feet.pngBig Feetcommon?Season 1.0
Placeholder.pngPlaceholder.pngBig Foot??Season 6.1 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Bionic Hopper.pngCostumeLower Bionic Hopper.pngBionic Hopperrare?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Blessed Sneakers.pngCostumeLower Blessed Sneakers.pngBlessed Sneakerscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Blonde Bun.pngBlonde Buncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Blossom Pack.pngBlossom Packuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Bluebell Bean.pngCostumeLower Bluebell Bean.pngBluebell Beanepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Blueming Bud Pack.pngBlueming Bud Packuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Blunderdog.pngCostumeLower Blunderdog.pngBlunderdogepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Blunderdome Sports Live.pngCostumeLower Blunderdome Sports Live.pngBlunderdome Sports Liveepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Boater Hat.pngBoater Hatcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Boating Shoes.pngCostumeLower Boating Shoes.pngBoating Shoescommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Bonsai Sensei.pngCostumeLower Bonsai Sensei.pngBonsai Senseiepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Boss.pngCostumeLower Boss.pngBossrare?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Bouldering Bean.pngCostumeLower Bouldering Bean.pngBouldering Beanrare?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Bouncy Bandit.pngUI Icon Bottom Bouncy Bandit.pngBouncy Banditepic?Season 4.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Bride.pngCostumeLower Bride.pngBrideepic?Season 5.2 (Legacy)
CostumeLower Bright Bowling Shoes.pngCostumeLower Bright Bowling Shoes.pngBright Bowling Shoescommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Bronze Statue.pngCostumeLower Bronze Statue.pngBronze Statuerare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Brute Chieftain.pngCostumeLower Brute Chieftain.pngBrute Chieftainspecial?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Buckle Belt.pngCostumeLower Buckle Belt.pngBuckle Beltuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Bun Bag.pngBun Baguncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Burly Barry.pngCostumeLower Burly Barry.pngBurly Barryepic?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Candy Bride.pngCostumeLower Candy Bride.pngCandy Brideepic?Season 5.2 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Candy Groom.pngCostumeLower Candy Groom.pngCandy Groomepic?Season 5.2 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Carnival Champion.pngCostumeLower Carnival Champion.pngCarnival Championrare?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Carrot Droid.pngCostumeLower Carrot Droid.pngCarrot Droidrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Cartoon Gloves.pngCartoon Glovescommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Casual Walkers.pngCostumeLower Casual Walkers.pngCasual Walkerscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Celestial Valkyrie.pngCelestial Valkyriecommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Celestial Viking.pngCelestial Vikingcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Championship Mitt.pngChampionship Mittcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Cheery Cherry.pngCostumeLower Cheery Cherry.pngCheery Cherryepic?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Cheesy Nacho.pngCostumeLower Cheesy Nacho.pngCheesy Nachorare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Chestnut Bun.pngChestnut Buncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Chestnut Cap.pngChestnut Capuncommon?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Choc-berry Swirl.pngUI Icon Bottom Choc-berry Swirl.pngChoc-berry Swirlepic?Season 3.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Choco Drizzle Donut Bag.pngChoco Drizzle Donut Baguncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Choco Drizzle Donut Floaty.pngCostumeLower Choco Drizzle Donut Floaty.pngChoco Drizzle Donut Floatycommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Choco Treat.pngCostumeLower Choco Treat.pngChoco Treatrare?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeLower Circus Clown Shoes.pngCostumeLower Circus Clown Shoes.pngCircus Clown Shoescommon?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Citrus Crewmate.pngUI Icon Bottom Citrus Crewmate.pngCitrus Crewmaterare?Season 4.5 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Clara.pngUI Icon Bottom Clara.pngClararare?Season 3.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Classic Hipster.pngCostumeLower Classic Hipster.pngClassic Hipsterrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Coach.pngCostumeLower Coach.pngCoachepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Coconut Milk.pngCostumeLower Coconut Milk.pngCoconut Milkrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Coconut Water.pngCostumeLower Coconut Water.pngCoconut Waterrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Coffee Connoisseur.pngCostumeLower Coffee Connoisseur.pngCoffee Connoisseurepic?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Comfy Socks.pngCostumeLower Comfy Socks.pngComfy Sockscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Cool Kicks.pngCostumeLower Cool Kicks.pngCool Kickscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Cool Original.pngCostumeLower Cool Original.pngCool Originalrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Cosmic Queen.pngCostumeLower Cosmic Queen.pngCosmic Queenepic?Season 6.1 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Country Pomp.pngCountry Pompuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Crowd Pleaser.pngCostumeLower Crowd Pleaser.pngCrowd Pleaserrare?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Crown Bearer Belt.pngCostumeLower Crown Bearer Belt.pngCrown Bearer Beltcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Crownbreaker.pngCostumeLower Crownbreaker.pngCrownbreakerepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Crowned Beandana.pngCrowned Beandanacommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Crowned Clappers.pngCrowned Clapperscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Crystal Wings.pngCrystal Wingsuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Curve Ball.pngCurve Ballcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Daisy Necklace.pngDaisy Necklacecommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Dapper Hat.pngDapper Hatcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Dashing Derby Helmet.pngDashing Derby Helmetcommon?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Dauntless Discoverer.pngUI Icon Bottom Dauntless Discoverer.pngDauntless Discovererrare?Season 4.5 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Dignified.pngCostumeLower Dignified.pngDignifiedepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Dohyo Champ.pngCostumeLower Dohyo Champ.pngDohyo Champepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Dragon Belly.pngDragon Bellyepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Dragon Butt.pngDragon Buttepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Dragon Face.pngCostumeLower Dragon Face.pngDragon Faceepic?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Duck Feet.pngCostumeLower Duck Feet.pngDuck Feetcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Eager Capamari.pngEager Capamariuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper El Fuego.pngCostumeLower El Fuego.pngEl Fuegorare?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Emergency Backpack.pngEmergency Backpackuncommon?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Esper.pngUI Icon Bottom Esper.pngEsperrare?Season 5.0 (Legacy)
CostumeLower Everyday Kicks.pngCostumeLower Everyday Kicks.pngEveryday Kickscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Extreme Walkers.pngCostumeLower Extreme Walkers.pngExtreme Walkerscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Ezio.pngCostumeLower Ezio.pngEziospecialPurchasing the premium season pass in Season 1Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Fall Ball Pro.pngCostumeLower Fall Ball Pro.pngFall Ball Prorare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Fall Guy FC Away Kit.pngCostumeLower Fall Guy FC Away Kit.pngFall Guy FC Away Kitrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Fall Spirit.pngCostumeLower Fall Spirit.pngFall Spiritrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Fall Weather Fan.pngCostumeLower Fall Weather Fan.pngFall Weather Fanrare?Season 6.1 (Legacy)
UI Icon Top Fallout Guy.pngUI Icon Bottom Fallout Guy.pngFallout Guyepic?Season 4.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Festifaller.pngCostumeLower Festifaller.pngFestifallerrare?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Finley.pngCostumeLower Finley.pngFinleyrare?Season 6.1 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Fisherman Beard.pngFisherman Beardcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Fizzy Fan.pngCostumeLower Fizzy Fan.pngFizzy Fanrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Flipper Repair Team.pngCostumeLower Flipper Repair Team.pngFlipper Repair Teamrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Flora.pngCostumeLower Flora.pngFloraepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Flower Power Necklace.pngFlower Power Necklacecommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Flowery Fresh Backpack.pngFlowery Fresh Backpackuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Foam Finger.pngCostumeLower Foam Finger.pngFoam Fingerrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Focus Zone Headset.pngFocus Zone Headsetcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Free For All High Flier.pngCostumeLower Free For All High Flier.pngFree For All High Flierrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Free For All Top Tumbler.pngCostumeLower Free For All Top Tumbler.pngFree For All Top Tumblerrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Frosted Tips.pngFrosted Tipsuncommon?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Fruit Flotilla.pngUI Icon Bottom Fruit Flotilla.pngFruit Flotillarare?Season 4.5 (Legacy)
CostumeLower Fruity Floaty.pngCostumeLower Fruity Floaty.pngFruity Floatycommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Fun Guy Cap.pngFun Guy Capuncommon?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Funky Fresh.pngUI Icon Bottom Funky Fresh.pngFunky Freshrare?Season 4.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Garth.pngCostumeLower Garth.pngGarthrare?Season 5.2 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Gaudy Glasses.pngGaudy Glassescommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Ghost Gourd.pngCostumeLower Ghost Gourd.pngGhost Gourdepic?Season 5.2 (Legacy)
CostumeLower Ginger Blep Slippers.pngCostumeLower Ginger Blep Slippers.pngGinger Blep Slipperscommon?Season 1.0
CostumeLower Ginger Purrrse.pngCostumeLower Ginger Purrrse.pngGinger Purrrsecommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Glam Cam.pngCostumeLower Glam Cam.pngGlam Camepic?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Glamorous Gingham.pngCostumeLower Glamorous Gingham.pngGlamorous Ginghamrare?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Glizzy Band.pngGlizzy Bandcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Glow Up.pngCostumeLower Glow Up.pngGlow Upepic?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Gold Medal.pngGold Medalcommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Gold Wings.pngGold Wingsuncommon?Season 1.0
CostumeUpper Golden Bouncy Bollard.pngCostumeLower Golden Bouncy Bollard.pngGolden Bouncy Bollardepic?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Golden Door Guy.pngCostumeLower Golden Door Guy.pngGolden Door Guylegendary?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Golden Yeetus.pngCostumeLower Golden Yeetus.pngGolden Yeetusepic?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeLower Goose Feet.pngCostumeLower Goose Feet.pngGoose Feetcommon?Season 1.0
UI Icon Top Gordon Freeman.pngUI Icon Bottom Gordon Freeman.pngGordon Freemanspecial?Season 1.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Goyle.pngCostumeLower Goyle.pngGoylerare?Season 5.2 (Legacy)
Placeholder.pngPlaceholder.pngGran Saporare?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Grandis.pngCostumeLower Grandis.pngGrandislegendary?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
CostumeUpper Groom.pngCostumeLower Groom.pngGroomepic?Season 5.2 (Legacy)