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Button Bashers is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Hunt round and was introduced in Season 4.5.

Although classified as a Hunt-type round, this round can also serve as a final round if there are only 2 players left, resulting in a 1v1 battle for the crown. Since 25 April 2022 this can no longer happen in Main Show, because the minimum participant count was increased from 2 up to 18.

Course Description[]

Standard version[]

Players will be placed into arenas where they will face off against a single opponent. Within each arena, there is a raised platform surrounded by a Gravity Zone in the center, two Force-Field platforms leading to the raised platform, and a Blizzard Fan in each corner of the arena. Each gravity zone, force-field, and blizzard fan have a button corresponding to them, which change the gravity, turn force-fields on and off, and turn the fans on and off, respectively. At the start of the game every arena will be set up in the exact same way: The gravity zone will be set to high gravity and all of the forcefields and blizzard fans will be set to off.

The goal of the game is to press the buttons that light up before your opponent does. The button to press will be lit up in a yellow-ish colour, as opposed to the standard red. When done successfully, you will receive one point. If you have more points than your opponent once the 1:30 timer expires, you will qualify for the next round.

If any of the players are tied after 1:30, the round will go into overtime (for only players that are tied) until the next player scores a point to break a tie. In both the normal Hunt variant and the Final variant of this level, if for some reason no players score in overtime, which is essentially only possible with friends, then after 5:15 minutes, neither of the tied players qualify (and in the Final variant, no player wins the crown). In the case that your opponent disconnects, you will instantly qualify, even if the timer hasn't expired yet.

Course Strategy[]

The key to victory in Button Bashers is being able to quickly identify the next lit up button. When a lit button is about to be pressed, try to position your camera in a way such that you can see most of the other buttons on the map.

Also, be aware of the state of the various objects in the arena. If a fan near you is on, you can use it to quickly reach either the raised platform or the opposite end of the map. If the gravity zone is set to low gravity, it can be used to reach the raised platform. Think quickly to get the edge on your opponent.

Attempting to jump onto buttons can be rather iffy at times - diving onto the buttons is generally more consistent when possible. Also, if your opponent is about to get to a button before you, and you are directly behind, you can try tap-grabbing them to make them fail their jump/dive. This can be especially important in Button Basher Royale and/or on higher ping - be prepared to utilise this technique, and expect your opponents to do the same.

Sometimes, though, it might be easier to let your opponent press a button, using the opportunity to quickly scan the arena and anticipate the next button lighting up.

At the start of the match, the first button to light up is always going to be the middle one on top of the taller platform. You can reach it quickly by running to the nearest fan button, jumping on it, and flying off of it as the button pushes you up and the fan carries you up to the platform.

Keep in mind that a button will toggle their respective object regardless of whether or not it's lit up (yellow). You can use this knowledge to get an edge over your opponent, by shutting down the forcefield bridge as they are climbing it or using a fan to fly to the other side of the map, for example.

If you happen to build a score lead over your opponent and reach the next button before they do, stalling it instead of pressing it right away, then pressing it just before they can do so will cost them seconds and help preventing them from catching up.

If you're winning and the game is about to end, grabbing your opponent may delay them enough that they can't catch up.

Final Variant[]

An actual Final type variant was introduced in the Button Basher Royale playlist on 12 August 2021. In this variant, the player with the most points on the Final round wins the entire show.

Known Issues[]

  • As of ?/?/??: Players in a party can be potentially matched up against each other. This may result in excessive stalling as both players may intentionally leave the score tied, potentially triggering an extended overtime (for up to the aforementioned 5:15 total duration).

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Qualified
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Button Bashers
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Not present Not present
4 Active Standard
5 Active Standard
6 Active Standard



  • This is the first hunt round that isn't a solo version of a team round.
  • Prior to 25 April 2022, this was the only non-final round that could be chosen as a final on Main Show, provided that there were only two players remaining.
    • As of 25 April 2022, this is no longer possible as the minimum participant count has been increased from 2 to 18.
  • Button Bashers is the only Season 4 level to not have any variants.
  • As of Season 6.1, the awarded medal after a qualification will always give you the Gold medal, no matter if you qualify first or last.
    • Medals were formerly (erroneously) determined by qualification time, rather than raw score or score difference. If multiple players all finish at the same time, the players with a lower ping to the server will be awarded the better medal.