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Bumpers (in shape of stacked donuts), are an obstacle of Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 1 (Legacy).

Obstacle description[]

Donut bumpers, also known as Pillars in the code and referred to as Bollards in the last Time is Kudos show, appear as moving or static obstacles that cause the player to bounce off when they are hit, which can cause the player to fall behind. They can appear in various colours and a stack of donuts. They are present in a lot of Rounds but most of the time their presence does not affect the gameplay heavily.

There are 4 types of donut bumpers:


These donut bumpers don't move at all. These can be found at Tundra Run, The Slimescraper, Pegwin Pool Party etc.

Moving (Forward and Backward):

These donut bumpers will move and stop and one point, then move back to it's first location. You can see where will it move by looking at the ground, there will be a yellow line, it will move on that line. There can be found at Door Dash, Fall Mountain, Slime Climb etc.


These donut bumpers will rotate in a circle you can see where will it move by looking the yellow line at the floor (it is not visible at Treetop Tumble at the last section). These can be found at Treetop Tumble, Pegwin Pool Party and Lost Temple.

Rotating (With A Ring):

These donut bumpers will rotate with a ring at Roll Out, Roll Off, and Roll Out.


Many donut bumpers can be found in Airtime, all of them being an obstacle to push the player down.

One of the many Donut Bumpers on Airtime.

Door Dash[]

In Door Dash, these obstacles may appear in an alternate version, starting from the second row of doors. In this case, there are multiple bumpers moving on their rails, annoying the players while finding the right door. If a player hits them, or if they hit a player, it will result in an annoying bounce that can distract the player from his goal, allowing other players to pass him up.

This Door Dash version features several bumpers in front of the doors.

Egg Scramble[]

An alternate version of Egg Scramble has some bumpers moving in the arena, slowing the players' work.

This Egg Scramble version has donut bumpers.

Egg Siege[]

An alternate version of Egg Siege has moving bumpers near the centre where the eggs are. These bumpers can also appear on the edge as color dividers.

This Egg Siege version has these colored bumpers.

Fall Mountain[]

As a variation in the Season 1 (Legacy) mid-season update, moving bumpers were added to Fall Mountain. They annoy the players near the crown (and the victory). They also have a chance to catch balls, though they luckily de-spawn after a while.

A Bumper pushing a ball off course in Fall Mountain.

Full Tilt[]

Several donut bumpers can be found on top of 360 See Saws in Full Tilt, where they rotate around the center of the see saw in a circle.[1]

A ring of donuts mounted on top of a see saw on Full Tilt.

Gate Crash[]

In Gate Crash, these obstacles have the same function that they have in Door Dash. They are also present in the standard version of the game. The player has to find the right timing to pass when gates are down, and the bumpers can annoy the player by making him lose his balance.

As of Season 5.fun, Gate Crash may also feature large Donut Bumpers orbited by smaller donut bumpers that are evenly arranged in a circle around it in-between the rows of gates.

Some Bumper Donuts on Gate Crash.

Hit Parade[]

In Hit Parade, the bumpers appear in the final section of the standard version. They move slowly but are present in a massive number in the last uphill slime section. They also appear in different colours. Being hit by one may cause a loss of balance and the player may bounce backward, and with the slime road, it could end in disaster. Before the Season 1 (Legacy) mid-season update, the bumpers would not reach all the way toward the edges, allowing the players to simply bypass all risk on the sides.

Hit Parade coloured bumpers


Moving bumpers are present in an alternate version of Hoarders, to add hitting the balls and making them go in an undesired direction. They also annoy the players who accidentally bump into them, adding chaos to the game.

Some bumper donuts shuffle the balls at the start of Hoarders.


In Jinxed, coloured bumpers are present to annoy the players in their escape. They move slowly and they are present in a very useless area, so the player should not be really affected by them.

Some bumper donuts on Jinxed.

Knight Fever[]

One alternate version of the game Knight Fever has moving bumpers in the downhill slime section. This variation was introduced in the Season 2 (Legacy) mid-season update.

Several bumper donuts on Knight Fever.

Lost Temple[]

Donuts bumpers are among the many different obstacles that can show up in the rooms of Lost Temple.

This Lost Temple room features bumper donuts.

Party Promenade[]

Two stationary bumpers can be found following the 360 See Saws in the second section of Party Promenade.

A Donut Bumper on Party Promenade.

Pegwin Pool Party[]

On Pegwin Pool Party a small island contains a large donut pillar surrounded by four smaller ones that orbit it.

Bumper Donuts on Pegwin Pool Party.

Pipe Dream[]

A set of moving and rotating donut bumpers can be found on the left platforms of the second and fourth sections of Pipe Dream, respectively.

Some Donut Bumpers on Pipe Dream.

Rock 'N' Roll[]

The standard version of Rock 'n' Roll has five high team-coloured bumper towers in each section of the first portion of the game, where the teams have to make the ball roll through obstacles faster than the other team to gain precious time. An alternate version of Rock 'n' Roll also has moving bumpers in the last downhill section. The bumpers are needed to randomly hit the ball if they are in the trajectory and make them go backward, giving another team a chance to win. An alternate version of the game presents one extra red bumper for each section before and after the tower section (the last one before falling), to add difficulty to the aim.

Several donut bumpers may appear in both the upper and lower sections of Rock 'n' Roll.

Roll Off, Roll On, & Roll Out[]

Static bumpers are present in the game Roll Out to annoy and distract players, whilst trying to survive. You can also use these as a blockade for incoming fruits.

Roll Out static bumpers

Ski Fall[]

Starting from the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, Ski Fall has a variation that includes donut bumpers that can be found after the first rings wheels, making it harder to navigate.

This Ski Fall variant features Donut Bumpers that move horizontally.

Skyline Stumble[]

Starting in Season 4.5 Dave, The platforms in the first section of Skyline Stumble may feature Bumpers that move sideways on top of them. In a different variant, added in the same update, six Donut Bumpers may show up on the slime slope right after the force-field maze.

This Skyline Stumble variant features Donut Bumpers on the first platforms.

Slime Climb[]

In Slime Climb, these obstacles are present in the conveyor belt section, moving on rails and annoying players that try to avoid them. If they hit the obstacles in the direction of the conveyor belt, it will result in an almost certain fall in the underneath section. They are also present in the last slime section before the final pendulums, with the same role.

One of the Bumper Donut sections in Slime Climb.

Speed Circuit[]

Speed Circuit features many donut bumpers along most of the path. As usual, they cause players to bounce off of them, possibly knocking them down.

A few donut bumpers on Speed Circuit.

Sweet Thieves[]

Several static Donut Bumpers are spread around Sweet Thieves. These are colored pink. Furthermore, four moving Donut Bumpers are located on a corridor leading to one of the candy spawn points. These are colored blue.

This corridor in Sweet Thieves features some donut bumpers that make traversal more challenging.

The Slimescraper[]

The Slimescraper has got a lot of bumpers, both static and moving. Some static bumpers are placed in the slimy sections where the players could fall. Moving ones are placed in a lot of places to add difficulty. As of Season 5.fun, the light swingers on Ramp 6 may be replaced by several donut bumpers that move rapidly along the path.

These bumpers are placed in the slimy sections where the players could fall in The Slimescraper...Movingbumpers.png... while these ones move in their axe to annoy players who want to go on

Track Attack[]

Donut Bumpers are present at several points of the lower section of Track Attack, presenting an extra challenge for players.

Some donut bumpers on Track Attack.

Treetop Tumble[]

Bumper Donuts are arranged in circles throughout Treetop Tumble. One such set is found immediately after the first water section on the lower path, rotating in alternate directions (clockwise and counterclockwise). Following that, two unique "donut wheels" can be found on the upper path, close to the Beams and Expanding Frogs. Finally, a set of spinning donuts can be found around the last Spinning Plate, just before the finish line.

As of Season 5.fun, the first slime slope may have donut bumpers instead of the usual Rotating Hammers. The orbiting donut bumpers may also be rotating in the opposite direction.

The first set of Bumper Donuts on Treetop Tumble.

Tundra Run[]

Tundra Run has some donut towers on the icy ways aside the section with the punching gloves.

Bumpers make up an icy section in Tundra Run.