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Block Party is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Survival round and was first introduced in the beta version.

Course description[]

Standard version[]

Block Party is a survival game. It consists of dodging obstacles while staying on a platform - players have to avoid the obstacles, which can cause them to fall down and get eliminated. The round ends either after 1:45 has passed, or until all but one player has been eliminated. The obstacles can be moving walls, wooden platforms that must be jumped or wall "traps" that must be avoided. The obstacles rise from the slime and pass over the platform. Over time, the difficulty of the obstacles and/or their speed increases (the latter being represented by decreasing gaps in between obstacles). The obstacles can come together, and start eliminating a great number of players. The difficulty is also compounded by the relatively large number of players on the limited-size platform.

Block Party can be divided into three phases:

  • the 'initial blocks phase', with the obstacles being standard blocks with gaps in between them. In some rounds there may be traps where you are guaranteed to be eliminated if you are trapped in them. This lasts for around 45 seconds (and is signified by the Soundtrack repeating the usual motif).
  • the 'jumping phase', with the obstacles, while still being standard blocks with gaps in them, now having beams in between these gaps. Players must jump over these or face elimination. This lasts for around 42 seconds, with the last obstacle always being a wall with a narrow gap in the middle and a beam that has to be jumped over (and is also signified by the soundtrack repeating the usual motif).
  • the 'cramped phase', where multiple blocks raise from the sides to drastically reduce the platform area. The obstacles here can vary - either blocks with gaps in them, or a series of beams; these two types will not be mixed. The gap between each obstacle gradually reduces so the players will have to pass through them faster. This lasts for the remainder of the time duration, after which all remaining players qualify for the next round.

Alternate versions[]

From Season 5.1 (31 August 2021):

  • All sections of Block Party can have the blocks combined to form more complex structures, such as staircases, elevated platforms and bridges.
    • The first phase can have a rather challenging series of obstacles, and features elevation changes.[1]
    • The second phase can have a rather challenging series of obstacles, and features elevation changes.[2]
    • The second phase can have extra trap blocks, similar to a possible variant of the first phase.[3]
    • The third phase can have a rather challenging series of obstacles, and features elevation changes.[4]
    • The third phase can have a rather challenging series of obstacles, but compared to the above variant, this features traps where you are eliminated if you miss a jump and fall to a lower level at any point.[5]

Course changes[]

From Season 3:

  • The counter showing the number of eliminated players has been removed.


The strategies of this game are all about having good timing. The first obstacles are slow and a few, so they can be dodged. A problem may be the confusion with the fact that the obstacles move, but the platform doesn't move, this can sometimes lead to the mental idea that also the platform moves, and may bring the players to fall down even without being dodged. Sometimes it can happen to move too backward or forward on the platform, and to fall down by committing involuntary suicide, so the strategy is always to stay in the middle of the platforms and just move left or right (or jump) to avoid the obstacles. To do this, the players should sometimes move the camera to make sure that they are at the centre or a little forward. There should always be space behind to survive in the case of difficult obstacles that are not so well dodged. The confusion is also given by the great number of the players, so it's really good to focus only on your own character.


Sometimes an experienced player will try to grab you and either push you into the moving blocks or off the edge. Try to stay away from people!

Cramped Section Skip[]

During the final section, it is possible to reach the top of the blocks on the left or right by jumping off of another player. While tricky to pull off, this allows you to completely bypass the final section.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Qualified
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Block Party
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Active Standard versions
1 Active Standard versions
2 Active Standard versions
3 Active Standard versions
4 Active Standard versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions


  • At launch, it was possible to reach the top of the walls on the sides of the map, completely trivializing the entire round. This was patched in an update on 13 August 2020.[6][7]
    • There still remains a glitch where one can jump on the blocks used to narrow the playing area in the final stage of the map.
  • Block Party is the only survival map from launch to not have a "final" version of it created. The other two—Jump Club, and Roll Out—have final versions (in the form of Jump Showdown, and Roll Off, respectively).
  • Before Season 5.1, Block Party was very rare to win an episode and 0 qualify on because of it's difficulty. Now, it is very uncommon to win an episode or 0 qualify on.
  • Block Party's name probably comes from the event Block Party which sounds like a party around the block.

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