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Not to be confused with Fan.

Blizzard Fans are an obstacle of Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 3 (Legacy).

Obstacle description[]

Blizzard Fans are, as the name suggests, fans. They work exactly as a fan: they create a flow of air that pushes the players away, back, or up into the air. They can be both a helpful tool and an annoying obstacle. They can be necessary to progress with a level, and sometimes are a hassle to avoid.

Blizzard Fans are also capable of affecting Pegwins.

The Blizzard Fans may so be divided into 3 groups:

  • Floor Blizzard Fans: These are used to overcome a section or to get help. These fans are usually bigger and are always placed on a stationary floor. Some floor fans can also periodically turn off and on. These fans contain a small ramp towards the center to aid players in allowing them easy access.
  • Detached Blizzard Fans: Unlike floor blizzard fans, detached blizzard fans have a variety of uses. These are commonly placed at different angles allowing players to travel far distances both forward and back. Certain detached fans can be found moving along a set path.
  • Block Blizzard Fans: These fans are a special type of helper block that include a built-in fan on top. Just like helper blocks these fans can be pushed around using the grab button.


Two big side switching detached blizzard fans can be found in Airtime.

A Blizzard Fan on Airtime.


As a variation added in the Season 4.5 Dave update, Basketfall can have floor blizzard fans replacing the spinning plates next to the baskets. People have been able to throw their basketballs into the fan making the ball fly into a basket. Another variation replaces the center speed bump with a giant floor blizzard fan. After a while of floating up and and down the current, incoming basketballs may be found stuck on top, trapped in the fan's winds.

A Blizzard Fan at the center of the arena on Basketfall.

Big Fans[]

Starting from the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, an alternate version of Big Fans can appear. This variation contains several detached blizzard fans on sections 3 and 4.[1] A detached blizzard fan can be found under each fan platform of section 3, blowing directly upwards. In section 4, three blizzard fans can be found blowing diagonal winds toward the finish line.

A blizzard fan blowing a player in section 4 of Big Fans.

Bounce Party[]

Bounce Party features a pair of Blizzard Fans in its lower section. They are needed for players to get back on the top section continue to participate in the round.

One of the Blizzard Fans on Bounce Party.

Bubble Trouble[]

One of the five zones in Bubble Trouble features a Blizzard fan underneath a Log Swing. It is used to reach the aforementioned swing, giving players access to more Bubbles. Season 5.fun added a pair of smaller Blizzard Fans orbiting the one that already exists under the Log Swing in one of its variants.

The Blizzard Fan blowing on Bubble Trouble.

Button Bashers[]

Each of the fifteen identical arenas in Button Bashers feature a detached blizzard fan at each of four corners. These are togglable and can turned off and on using their repective Buttons. These blizzard fans can blow the players on to the center podium making it the favorited solution to cashing in on that first point.

One of the Blizzard Fans (and the Button that controls it) on Button Bashers.

Door Dash[]

Starting from the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, a giant, floor blizzard fan may appear after the last set of doors on Door Dash.[2] This can cause the Big Yeetus at the end to become more of an obstacle rather than a flinging tool.

This blizzard fan has been added to the end of an alternate version of Door Dash.

Freezy Peak[]

In Freezy Peak, both detached and floor blizzard fans can be found. There are lots of fans:

  • The first section has a total of ten, small, moving, detached blizzard fans to annoy the incoming players.
  • The second section, two floor fans are available to fly upward to the second section platform.
  • The third section consists of a small floating platform that can include two floor fans.

All floor fans in this level are required to complete the race. (Unless you are willing to risk it all for Big Yeetus.)

The final fan on Freezy Peak is required to reach the finish line.

Hoopsie Daisy[]

Starting from the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, an alternate version of Hoopsie Daisy may appear. This variation replaces the spinning plates with giant, floor blizzard fans. These non-themed fans are magenta with a burnt-yellow blade.[3] Slingus flinguses that flip into the fan are guaranteed to appear in this variation as well.

Several Fall Guys using the blizzard fan on Hoopsie Daisy to reach the rings above.

Hoverboard Heroes[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, detached blizzard fans may appear in three sections of Hoverboard Heroes: [4]

  • On the left side of the hoverboard in the second section with the cannons.
  • As an alternate pathway in the third section.
  • Necessary to reach the finish line at the final section.

In this Hoverboard Heroes variant, these Blizzard Fans are necessary to cross the final gap and finish the level.


Starting from the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, a variation can replace the two spinning plates with floor blizzard fans on Jinxed. When flying on a fan, you can't get jinxed. To prevent players taking advantage of these fans, they periodically turn on and off causing everyone rinding to fall down. Unlike the spinning plates version, you can get on top of a fan without having to use a nearby ramp.

A floor fan on the yellow team's starting side in Jinxed.

Jump Showdown[]

Starting from the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, an alternate version of Jump Showdown contains a detached blizzard fan that circles around the perimeter of the map, blowing players towards the center. [5] This version of the round has been nicknamed Jump Blowdown.[6]

Players have nicknamed this Jump Showdown featuring a Blizzard Fan as "Jump Blowdown".

Knight Fever[]

A variant in the second section of Knight Fever may include two upwards-facing detached Blizzard Fans that slowly move from left to right. This requires players to ride the air current to cross the gaps. If a player fails to cross the second gap, they will have to ride both fans again as there is no checkpoint between gaps.

One of the two Blizzard Fans required to cross the gaps in this Knight Fever variant.

Leading Light[]

A single, stationary floor blizzard fan can be found in the center, while three smaller ones rotate along a large spinning ring in Leading Light's arena.

A Blizzard Fan on Leading Light.

Lily Leapers[]

As of Season 5.fun, some of the lily pads on the central path just before the finish line on Lily Leapers may be replaced by Blizzard Fans.

A blizzard fan on Lily Leapers.

Lost Temple[]

Many rooms in Lost Temple feature Blizzard fans. They are normally used to bring players back up in case they fall into pits.

An underwater blizzard fan on Lost Temple.

Pegwin Pool Party[]

Pegwin Pool Party features a pair of small fans just below the starting point as well as a large one near the big Slime Slide.

One of the Blizzard Fans on Pegwin Pool Party.

Pegwin Pursuit[]

As part of the SWTYNIAEJDITWYPIBY update, four, floor blizzard fans can be found near each wall of the arena. These fans allow players and pegwins to fly to the upper platforms. Though when a punching glove is present, this is not recommended. A fan may also appear at the very center of the arena.

Some players around a Blizzard Fan on Pegwin Pursuit.

Pipe Dream[]

In one of the sections, five blizzard fans move up and down, pushing players away and/or into slingus flinguses.

Several Blizzard Fans on Pipe Dream.

Power Trip[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, a variation of two giant fans near each team's starting area can be found. Players can still reach the upper area by using the side obstacles however. Speaking of side obstacles, another variation - also added in 4.5 - includes a floor blizzard fan on each raised platform. These fans are togglable with their respective Buttons.

This Power Trip variant features Blizzard Fans.

A closer look of the Blizzard Fan on Power Trip.

Roll On[]

As part of Season 4.5 Dave, Roll On may have the last moving platform replaced with a large detached blizzard fan for people to cross the gap with.

The bridging Blizzard Fan on Roll On.

Short Circuit[]

As a variation introduced in the Season 4 (Legacy) mid-season update, two fan block blizzard fans can appear in the first section of Short Circuit. These fan blocks, just like their helper block counterparts in this round, can't be reached from the floor.

Fan Blocks on Short Circuit.

Ski Fall[]

Ski Fall has two, big, detached blizzard fans at the end of the stage, on the sides before the last ring wheel. They are not an obstacle here, but they can help for centering your jump into a certain ring if the players are sliding a little bit to the side.

A blizzard fan on Ski Fall.

Skyline Stumble[]

A variant introduced in Season 4.5 Dave adds threee detached blizzard fans in place of the cannons at the beginning of Skyline Stumble. These fans blow diagonally upwards and periodically move up and down. Another variant includes a giant, detached blizzard fan in the middle of section where the cannons and Buttons normally are; though, they included thicc bonkuses can "bonk" a player while riding the fan.

One of the four blizzard fans that can appear on Skyline Stumble.

Slime Climb[]

In the SWtYNiAEJDItWYPIBY update (Update 3.5), an alternate ending of Slime Climb introduces a horizontal facing, detached blizzard fan that pushes players into slime. This fan moves up and down the end ramp.

In the Dave update (Update 4.5), detached blizzard fans can replace the second set of moving blocks/slingus flingusses. These fans turn off once inside and turn back on again once exiting.

This fan on Slime Climb may blow players away from the course and into the slime.

These Blizzard Fans were added to Slime Climb in Season 4.5 (Legacy).

Stompin' Ground[]

As of Season 5.fun, a pair of opposite Blizzard Fans may be present on Stompin' Ground. They slowly circle the arena, blowing players towards its center.

A Blizzard Fan on Stompin' Ground.

Sum Fruit[]

Sum Fruit features two upwards-facing blizzard fans slowly orbiting the arena.

A Blizzard Fan on Sum Fruit.

Tail Tag[]

In the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, two different blizzard fan variations were added. A floor fan may appear in the center replacing the giant rotating hammer or rotating beam. This fan, just like the ones on Jinxed, periodically turns on and off to prevent people holding onto their tail. Replacing rotating hammers, four detached fans can be found on the elongated ramps blowing towards the center platform. These fans move up and down allowing another way to travel across the map to stop those pesky players from stealing your tail!

This version of Tail Tag features a floor blizzard fan in its center.

This version of Tail Tag features detached blizzard fans above the caution ramps.

The SlimeScraper[]

As of Season 5.fun, Blizzard fans may be present on The Slimescraper. Two may replace the Light Swinger on Corner 2, while one may replace the Light Swinger on Ramp 7. All of these Blizzard Fans periodically turn on and off.

Blizzard Fans on The Slimescraper.

The Swiveler[]

The Swiveler features a Blizzard Fan at the center of the ring-shaped track and it presents the main obstacle players are required to avoid. Should it catch up with a player, it'll blow them off course into the slime and eliminate them.

The Blizzard Fan on The Swiveler.

Treetop Tumble[]

Two Blizzard Fans are found immediately after the Rhino area on Treetop Tumble. They allow players to get back to the upper path.

Season 5.fun added Blizzard Fans on several more locations: In the first water area on the lower path, some Expanding Frogs may be replaced by Blizzard Fans capable of taking the player to the upper path. The donut wheels on the third section may have its donut bumpers replaced with Blizzard Fans that periodically turn on and off. Finally, two blizzard fans that alternate between on and off may be found at the very end of the rhino arena.

A Blizzard Fan on Treetop Tumble.

Tundra Run[]

One of the first appearance of blizzard fans is in the race game Tundra Run. A helpful, detached fan is placed under the section with the icy halfpipe. As the players end this section, an upwards flow of air can blow them across the punching gloves section, if they aim correctly. A moving, detached fan is present in the second last section with slingus flingusses. If the wind hits the players they are pushed backward risking landing on the flippers, which launch the players even further backward.

Starting from the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, the last section of the map may be replaced by an upward-facing, detached blizzard fan.[7]

This moving fan in Tundra Run may launch players onto the slingus flingusses and getting them flipped back.

Wall Guys[]

Starting from the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, several blizzard fans may appear in Wall Guys. Three block blizzard fans can appear helping the players to scale the walls. (One just before the third wall and two before the fourth.) One detached, obstacolating, blizzard fan can be found after the final wall trying to push the players down. This fan is constantly moving left and right across its rail.

This Blizzard Fan moves side to side atop the final wall and can blow players back down in Wall Guys.