Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

Big Swinguses are an obstacle of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, first introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).[1]

Obstacle Description[]

Big Swinguses bear a resemblance to Light Swingers, consisting of two pendulums held together by a pink and blue bar that swings back and forth.

To grab the Big Swingus, when it swings towards you, hold the grab button. When you swing all the way to the other side, release the grab button and you'll 'pop' off in a forwards direction. There is no need to jump.


Several Big Swinguses can be found in Airtime, with their use being to help the player stay in the score zone

A Big Swingus on Airtime.

Party Promenade[]

In Party Promenade, Big Swinguses are present in the center path of the fourth section, the side paths of the fifth section, and in the final section high above the slime slope.

A Big Swingus on Party Promenade.

Pipe Dream[]

A single Big Swingus appears in the final section of Pipe Dream, allowing players to swing their way into the finish line.

A Big Swingus on Pipe Dream.