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Basketfall is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Team round and was first introduced in Season 4.

Course Description[]

Standard version[]

Basketfall is a two-way team game.

Various Basketballs are spawned, which can be carried by players. The goal of the game is to carry the balls into the other team's basket. Both baskets slowly rotate, and are surrounded by a low-gravity zone. The team with the most points after 2:00 (1:30 in Squads modes) moves on to the next round. Occasionally a gold basketball worth 3 points will spawn.


If both teams are tied when the timer expires, 15 extra seconds will be added. If after 15 seconds there is still a tie, 15 more seconds are added and this repeats until one team has the outright lowest score. Strangely, overtime functions differently in Squads modes; the timer is removed, likely meaning that the first squad to score a goal wins.[1]

For Squads modes, in an extremely contrived scenario, if both squads remain tied after 9 minutes, the round times out and both teams will be awarded the win.[2] It is unclear what will happen in a normal solo show.

Course Changes[]

  • From 13 May 2021 and onward, the low-gravity zones correspond to the team's colour.

Alternate Versions[]

As of 13 May 2021, the following variants may occur:

Course Strategy[]


Dunking is the easiest and most optimal method of scoring points in Basketfall. This involves simply jumping into a basket while holding a basketball. Doing so will respawn you at the center of the map, allowing you to quickly pick up the next basketball that spawns.


Alternatively, you can try to prevent the other team from scoring points. Grabbing a player holding a basketball will make them drop it, giving you a chance to steal it for yourself. For best results, try to throw the ball away from your team's basket by diving while holding the ball.


If there are defenders on your tail, dunking may become more difficult. In this scenario, it may be better to shoot the ball into the basket from afar by jumping and diving while holding the ball. Keep in mind that this technique is advanced and will take some practice to effectively employ.

When shooting, you should aim to position yourself with an opponent team's basket in front of you, around the middle of the slope underneath the rainbow bridge on the opposing team's side, and then jump, dive, and release the ball from there.


  • If you dunk a basketball, pay careful attention to the orientation you are facing in when you respawn. Chances are you will be facing your own team's side instead of the opponent team's side. Make sure you're not spacing out and accidentally scoring in your own team's baskets.
    • In fact, this is a key tip in general. Unlike Egg Scramble and Egg Siege, you score points by getting basketballs into the other team's baskets, not your own.

Medal thresholds[]

Medals are determined by raw goals scored by your team.

  • Gold - Scored 20 or more goals and qualified
  • Silver - Scored 10-19 goals and qualified
  • Bronze - Scored 3-9 goals and qualified
  • Pink - Scored 1-2 goals and qualified
  • No medal - Eliminated

These medals inexplicably do not apply in the Slam Dunk playlist, as every medal is pink regardless of score.


History of Basketfall
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Not present Not present
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
6.3 Active Removed from Main Show as of 10 May 2022. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.



  • Before the Season 4.5 Dave update, the Gravity Zone over the yellow team's baskets used to be blue like all other low gravity zones in the game. It was changed to yellow, while retaining the same functionality as before to avoid confusion.
    • Because of this, the yellow team's Gravity zone in this map is the only one of these zones to be a different colour.
  • This is one of only two maps to be based on a real life sport, the other being Fall Ball.
  • Level designer Joseph Juson originally pitched a basketball mode sometime before Season 1; however, it was initially rejected due to being "awful".[3]

See also[]

Fall Ball, a similar team game, but based on football/soccer.