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Banners (also known as Nameplates) are one of the customization options available in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Below is a list of all nameplates available in the game, starting with Season 1 (Legacy).

Banner customization was introduced in Season 2 (Legacy).

Season 1 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 1 (Legacy)

Only one banner was available in Season 1 (Legacy), and it is unlocked from the beginning as a starter item.

Banner Rarity Unlocked By
Banner Monarch.pngMonarchcommonDefault

Season 2 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 2 (Legacy)

Season 2 (Legacy) has 3 banners which are free rewards by reaching a certain level. The other banners can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Banner Rarity Unlocked By
Banner Butterfly.pngButterflycommon?
Banner Dino.pngDinocommon?
Banner Donut.pngDonutcommon?
Banner Dragonfire.pngDragonfireuncommonReaching level 13 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Banner Famous.pngFamouscommonReaching level 29 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Banner Hunter.pngHunterrare?
Banner Love.pngLovecommon?
Banner Peachy.pngPeachycommon?
Banner Pizza.pngPizzacommonCompleting all quests on the Fall Guys Playstation page.
Banner Pumpkin.pngPumpkinuncommon?
Banner Rainbow.pngRainbowcommon?
Banner Shroom.pngShroomuncommon?
Banner Skelly.pngSkellyuncommon?
Banner Slime.pngSlimecommonReaching level 5 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Banner Watermelon.pngWatermelonuncommon?
Banner Yarrrr !.pngYarrrr !uncommon?

Season 3 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 3 (Legacy)

Season 3 (Legacy) has 2 banners which are free rewards by reaching a certain level. The other banners can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Banner Rarity Unlocked By
Banner Candy Cane.pngCandy CaneuncommonReaching level 13 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Banner Coffee Beans.pngCoffee Beansuncommon?
Banner Fall-ble.pngFall-bleuncommonReaching level 5 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Banner Gingerbread.pngGingerbreaduncommon?
Banner I Heart FG.pngI Heart FGuncommon?
Banner Nutcracker.pngNutcrackeruncommon?
Banner Penguin.pngPenguinrare?
Banner Salute.pngSaluteuncommon?
Banner Santa Hat.pngSanta Hatcommon?
Banner Snowman.pngSnowmanuncommon?

Season 4 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 4 (Legacy)

Season 4 (Legacy) has 4 banners which are free rewards by reaching a certain level. The other banners can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Banner Rarity Unlocked By
Banner Amped Up.pngAmped Upuncommon?
Banner Beep Boop.pngBeep BoopuncommonReaching level 31 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Banner Cosmic Vibes.pngCosmic Vibesuncommon?
Banner Eggcellent.pngEggcellentcommon?
Banner Lucky Mechani-Cat.pngLucky Mechani-Catuncommon?
Banner Retro Guys.pngRetro GuyscommonReaching level 23 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Banner Shutter Shades.pngShutter Shadesuncommon?
Banner System Error.pngSystem ErrorcommonReaching level 10 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Banner Vaporwave.pngVaporwavecommonReaching level 38 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Banner Zapped!.pngZapped!uncommon?

Season 5 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 5 (Legacy)

Season 5 (Legacy) has 4 banners which are free rewards by reaching a certain level. The other banners can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Banner Rarity Unlocked By
Banner Adventure!.pngAdventure!commonReaching level 10 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Banner Cheese Plant.pngCheese Plantuncommon?
Banner Crocodile.pngCrocodileuncommon?
Banner Frog.pngFroguncommon?
Banner Lemon Lookout.pngLemon LookoutuncommonReaching level 31 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Banner Scourge of the Seas.pngScourge of the SeasuncommonReaching level 41 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Banner Treasure Map.pngTreasure MapcommonReaching level 23 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Banner Tropical Tree.pngTropical Treeuncommon?
Banner Veggies.pngVeggiesuncommon?

Season 6 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 6 (Legacy)
Banner Rarity Unlocked By
Banner All Suns Blazing.pngAll Suns Blazingcommon?
Banner Beach Ball Buff.pngBeach Ball BuffcommonReaching level 8 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Banner Brain Freeze.pngBrain Freezecommon?
Banner Breakthrough.pngBreakthroughuncommon?
Banner Crown Town.pngCrown TownuncommonReaching level 47 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Banner Diver.pngDiveruncommonReaching level 13 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Banner Eggspert Planner.pngEggspert Plannercommon?
Banner Get Ready...pngGet Ready..uncommon?
Banner I'll Be Slime!.pngI'll Be Slime!uncommonReaching level 39 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Banner Party On.pngParty OncommonReaching level 22 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Banner Party Pegwin.pngParty Pegwinepic?
Banner Paw Print.pngPaw Printuncommon?
Banner Piece of Cake.pngPiece of Cakecommon?
Banner Suited Up!.pngSuited Up!epic?
Banner Ta-da!.pngTa-da!common?
Banner Tail Tactics.pngTail Tacticsuncommon?
Banner Tough Guy.pngTough Guyrare?

Season 1[]

Main article: Season 1
Banner Rarity Unlocked By
Banner Breaker Gang.pngBreaker GanguncommonReaching level 42 during Season 1
Banner Day at the Races.pngDay at the RacesuncommonReaching level 63 during Season 1
Banner Enter the Animus.pngEnter the AnimusspecialReaching level 3 during Season 1
Banner Foam Finger.pngFoam FingeruncommonReaching level 33 during Season 1
Banner Give us a Wave!.pngGive us a Wave!commonUI currency kudos 1080p.png 500
Banner Goal Oriented.pngGoal OrienteduncommonUI currency kudos 1080p.png 1400
Banner Happy Jammer.pngHappy JammercommonReaching level 73 during Season 1
Banner Happy Place.pngHappy PlacecommonReaching level 19 during Season 1
Banner Humanity's Greatest Weapon.pngHumanity's Greatest WeaponspecialReaching level 98 during Season 1
Banner Keen Bean.pngKeen Beancommon?
Banner Legend.pngLegendcommonObtained from the Legacy Pack
Banner Prized Pin.pngPrized PinuncommonReaching level 82 during Season 1
Banner Stars.pngStarsuncommonCollect 20 Fall Guys in a Twitch stream which has the "Collect 'Em All" extension enabled; Complete all quests on the Fall Guys Playstation page

Crown Rank[]

Main article: Crown Rank

Notably, all banners obtainable from the Crown Ranks have a golden border, instead of the standard white border. They also all are epic in rarity.

Banner Rarity Required Crowns
Banner Balloon.pngBalloonrareUI currency crowns 1080p.png 3
Banner Falling Rainbow.pngFalling RainbowrareUI currency crowns 1080p.png 17
Banner Fall Face.pngFall FacerareUI currency crowns 1080p.png 46
Banner Ice Cold Crown.pngIce Cold CrownrareUI currency crowns 1080p.png 93
Banner Tagged.pngTaggedrareUI currency crowns 1080p.png 294
Banner Qualified.pngQualifiedrareUI currency crowns 1080p.png 504
Banner Hex-a-Gone King.pngHex-a-Gone KingepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 1064
Banner Number One.pngNumber OneepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 1379
Banner Rosette.pngRosetteepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 2144
Banner Golden.pngGoldenepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 2889

Live Events[]

Main article: Live Event
Banner Rarity Cost Live Event
Banner Astro.pngAstrospecialUi-icon-sweet-token.png 200Sweet Thieves Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
Banner Boxing Day.pngBoxing DaycommonUi-icon-generic-token.png 800Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Punching Glove) (Season 6 (Legacy))
Banner Clank.pngClankspecialUi-icon-clank-token.png 300Clank's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Banner Fall Star.pngFall StarepicUi-icon-generic-token.png 800Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Hotshot) (Season 6 (Legacy)) and
Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Punching Glove) (Season 6 (Legacy))
Banner Free For All.pngFree For AlleventUi-liveevents-ss1-launch-token.png 400Stadium Stars (Season 1)
Banner Golden Hotdog.pngGolden HotdogspecialUi-icon-generic-token.png 800Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Hotdog) (Season 5 (Legacy))
Banner Horizon.pngHorizonspecialUi-icon-focus-token.png 200Aloy's Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
Banner King Louie.pngKing LouiespecialUi-icon-louie-token.png 1400King Louie's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Banner Ratchet.pngRatchetspecialUi-icon-ratchet-token.png 300Ratchet's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Banner Rivet.pngRivetspecialUi-icon-ratchet-token.png 2100
Ui-icon-clank-token.png 2100
Ratchet's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Clank's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Banner Sackboy.pngSackboyspecialUi-icon-sackboy-token.png 400Sackboy's Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
Banner Strong.pngStronguncommonUi-icon-dumbbell-token.png 800New Bean Resolution (Season 6 (Legacy))
Banner Sumo Chicken.pngSumo ChickenuncommonUi-icon-star-token.png 1000Satellite Stars: Adapt! (Season 6 (Legacy))


Banners that were added to the game files, but were not made available in-game, yet.

Banner Rarity Unlocked By Added
Banner Balloon Bonanza.pngBalloon Bonanzacommon?Season 1.0
Banner Big Wheel.pngBig Wheelcommon?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Banner Bow-tiful.pngBow-tifulcommon?Season 1.0
Banner Cherry.pngCherrycommon?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Deco Crosses.pngDeco Crossescommon?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Banner Dive to Victory!.pngDive to Victory!uncommon?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Banner Fall Ball.pngFall Balluncommon?Season 2.5 (Legacy)
Banner Flower Power.pngFlower Powercommon?Season 1.0
Banner Heartbeat.pngHeartbeatcommon?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Helter Skelter.pngHelter Skeltercommon?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Banner MT Represent!.pngMT Represent!special?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Mustard Master.pngMustard Masteruncommon?Season 1.0
Banner Parade Guy.pngParade Guyuncommon?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Banner PLACEHOLDER s6 028.pngPLACEHOLDER/s6 028special?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Banner PLACEHOLDER ss1 17.pngPLACEHOLDER/ss1 17rare?Season 1.0
Banner PLACEHOLDER ss1 eagle02.pngPLACEHOLDER/ss1 eagle02special?Season 1.0
Banner PLACEHOLDER ss1 eagle03.pngPLACEHOLDER/ss1 eagle03special?Season 1.0
Banner PLACEHOLDER ss1 mockingbird.pngPLACEHOLDER/ss1 mockingbirdspecial?Season 1.0
Banner Rainbow Cloud.pngRainbow Cloudcommon?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Reindeer.pngReindeeruncommon?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Santa Falls.pngSanta Fallsuncommon?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Satellite Repair Team.pngSatellite Repair Teamspecial?Season 1.0
Banner Shere Khan.pngShere Khanspecial?Season 5.1 (Legacy)
Banner Snow and Steady.pngSnow and Steadyuncommon?Season 1.0
Banner Snowfall.pngSnowfalluncommon?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner SPARTAN.pngSPARTANspecialUi-liveevents-pelican-token.png 500Season 1.0
Banner Spray Can.pngSpray Cancommon?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Banner Summer Squads.pngSummer SquadsspecialUi-liveevents-summersquads-token.png 400Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Sweet Thieves.pngSweet Thievesuncommon?Season 1.0
Banner Sweetie.pngSweetiecommon?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Tropics Toucan.pngTropics Toucancommon?Season 5.0 (Legacy)
Banner Unwrapped.pngUnwrappedcommon?Season 1.0
Banner Walrus.pngWalrusrare?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Winter Sports.pngWinter Sportsuncommon?Season 3.5 (Legacy)
Banner Yeetus Pass.pngYeetus PassspecialUi-liveevents-clanofyeetus-token.png 500Season 1.0