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The Astro Costume is a crossover costume from Astro's Playroom, and resembles the titular protagonist.

It shares its name with the Astro Pattern, the Astro Banner and the Astro Nickname.

This costume is can also be obtained by completing every quest on the Fall Guys Playstation page.[1]

Note : A Playstation account linked to an Epic Games account is required for being able to complete the quest.


  • The cape behind the costume can be seen repeatedly moving up and down, making this costume the first ever to be animated.
  • The costume was also available again for 24 hours in the Featured Items rotating pool on 30 May 2022 during the second instance of Guestravaganza for UI currency crowns 1080p.png 2 for each part.
    • It is one of the five costumes from Live Events that were obtainable outside of the timeframe from their corresponding Event and without having to complete the Event Challenges.