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Airtime is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a hunt round and was first introduced in Season 6.[1]

Course Description[]

Airtime is a hunt round which contains a scoring zone where the players can get points to qualify. Staying in the zone gives roughly 4% for every second in the zone.

Players spawns in two platforms, each facing a Big Swingus.

The arena consists in multiple obstacles which can be used as platforms for the players to stay in the zone, if the player falls off the zone, they'll find themselves on the lower part of the arena: a funnel-shaped area with many Slingus Flinguses that can get the player back to the scoring zone, and six downward-facing Vacuum Tubes at its center which lead them back to either spawn points.

Those are the sections that can be found in the zone:

Center Section:[]

This section contains fans in a big cylinder which also holds punching gloves and donut bumpers that can knock the player down.


Conveyor Belt Section:[]

This section contains a conveyor belt with moving donut bumpers arranged in a line across the belt. They can push the player down. There is a Big Swingus in the opposite side of the conveyor belt.


Drums Section:[]

This section contains eight upwards facing drums and a big side-switching blizzard fan that can make the players fall down.


Pivot Platform Section:[]

This section contains one single pivot platform with one Big Swingus on each side.


Rotating Beam Section:[]

This section contains a single rotating beam on top of a 360 see saw, also accompanied by a big side-switching blizzard fan.


Course Strategy[]

  • While it's viable to stay in your favourite sections for points, the easiest sections to do so are the Drums, Rotating Beam, and Pivot Platform sections.
  • If you fall down to the lower section of the map, it is usually far better to just make a run for the pipes rather than relying on the slingus flinguses to bring you back up, as these tend to waste time more than anything.

Center Section[]

This is unequivocally the hardest section to score percentage from, but if you'd like to practice your skills - land on the spinning fan, walk in the direction opposite to its spin direction (balancing on the edge so you avoid the donut bumpers), and jump-dive onto the other fan blade as it emerges from under the punching glove - all while avoiding the punching glove behind you. It is still recommended to score percentage from other easier sections, however.

Conveyor Belt Section[]

Get to one of the conveyor belts, walk against the direction of the belt, then as the donut bumpers move towards you, proceed to the Big Swingus, grab and hold. Once the donut bumpers move away, land back on the conveyor belt. Repeat.

Drums Section[]

FG S6 promo screenshot 02.jpg

If you see it off to the distance in the right from your spawn, use the angled drum on the right to bounce to it. Bounce as best on the drums as you can, while keeping out of the way of the periodically-turning fan. The drums move slowly, so it is easy to see in which direction they'll be moving, and continue safely bouncing on one until you may be blown off.

Pivot Platform Section[]

This is currently the easiest section. Wait on the platform until you see it beginning to tilt, then run towards the side of the platform raising up, jump and grab onto the Big Swingus. Hold onto it until the platform becomes safe to land on, then drop onto the platform. Repeat.

Alternatively, you can also jump on top of the Swingus and then just stay there indefinitely, but this is harder to pull off.

Rotating Beam Section[]

If you see it off to the distance in the right from your spawn, use the angled drum on the right to bounce to it. Carefully balance on the 360 see saw as best as you can while jumping the beam. You can attempt to hide to the left side of the see saw so you don't get blown down by the fan. Be aware, however that the see saw may tilt in such a way that its surface actually remains below the scoring zone, meaning you won't score any points while standing there.

"Full Lap"[]

Alternatively, it is possible to use the many Big Swinguses that bridge all the different sections (except the center section) to run laps around the arena while remaining within the scoring zone.

Course Changes[]

From the 9 December 2021 hotfix:

  • The scoring speed has been reduced and qualifying the round is now slower than usual.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Airtime
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not Present Not Present
1 Not Present Not Present
2 Not Present Not Present
3 Not Present Not Present
4 Not Present Not Present
5 Not Present Not Present
6 Active Standard

Known Bugs[]

Conveyor belt glitch*

One of the conveyor belts on airtime is using Season 1 visuals, instead of the thematically appropriate Season 6 ones, but it is also failing to display its usual animation, making it seem like it is deactivated. The bug is merely visual however, meaning the conveyor belt works as intended.

*This name is a conjectural name and has not been somewhat uniformly agreed upon.

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