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360 See Saws are an obstacle of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, first introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).[1]

Obstacle description[]

360 See Saws act similarly to see saws, but are able to tilt in all directions, hence the name 360 See Saw. They are circular platforms with a large cone in the middle; the size of both the platform and the cone varies from see saw to see saw.

Other obstacles can be placed on top of a 360 See Saw, like Force-Fields, donut bumpers, and Rotating Beams. On 360 see saws with a rotating beam, the cone is omitted.


A single 360 See Saw with a rotating beam is present in Airtime.

360 See Saw on Airtime.

Full Tilt[]

360 See Saws are the primary obstacle of Full Tilt, introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).

360 See Saw on Full Tilt.

Party Promenade[]

In Party Promenade, three 360 see saws can be found in the second section. An additional six- three on each side- can be found in the fifth section.

360 See Saw on Party Promenade.

Pipe Dream[]

Four 360 See Saws appear in the fifth section of Pipe Dream.

360 See Saw on Pipe Dream.